Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A victorious day

Blessings on this WONDERFUL Wednesday!!!!! ☺️ Praise the Lord for another opportunity to open our eyes today and see another day!! The sun is shining bright this morning and I pray for Gods glory to be sufficient enough in your lives today. Nothing can stop you today from achieving what you want to achieve. Nothing can stop you from being completely happy and joyful because God already took our sins to the cross for us to live a life of transformation. We can be happy, we are forgiven, we are known by God, we have been bought by a price by the savior Jesus Christ!! He has come and has given us a spirit of Joy, Goodness, Love, Happiness, and PEACE! And I pray that we can act in love and compassion today. May God bless ALL of you today and give you the strength to get through this VICTORIOUS day.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Your attitude will determine your altitude

Blessings!! What a blessing and beautiful day today is and is going to be!! Our attitudes and the outlook we have on this day will determine the outcome of this day. God is so great that He already has our day planned out perfectly for us. He wants us to see the bad situations as a stepping stone for us to grow, learn and for us to exercise the strength that God has already given us to overcome the obstacles! There is a way, and Jesus is that way to our happiness and freedom. Be free today! God bless you all.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Peace like a flowing river

Refresh. Refresh is to make (someone) have more energy and feel less tired. Today God has refreshed us with His glory, love, peace and His presence to allow us to be happy, joyful and for our day to be blessed. Let's choose, on this beautiful day, to embrace Gods refreshments! His peace is like a flowing river. Today's the day the Lord has made, may God's will be done in each of our lives today. Have a fantastic and great day!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Refreshed by God

Blessings all! Let's be refreshed through the goodness, grace and mercy of God. Let's declare this day blessed! We will not be shaken by things as long as we stay on the right path, which is Gods path for our lives. Despite what is going on or happening in our own lives and in this world let's continue to allow positive thoughts to flow through our minds today. Always remember that the Lord will always come through on our behalf. We have the victory!! May your day be overflowing with Gods peace and strength. God bless you all.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Cherishing each other

Cherishing the precious moments with family, friends, and brothers and sisters who walk side by side with you in the faith is very valuable. God puts people in our lives to be a blessing or a lesson. Praise be to God for the ones who stood by our side through this walk of life we are journeying on.  Embrace each other, love one another, encourage one another, motivate each other and keep building each other up. The sky is the limit for the Lord! Now let's all aboard Flight 777 en route to our purpose and destiny with Jesus Christ as our Pilot! Hope you all have a wonderful and blessed day.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Blessed Thursday

Hello beloved children of God. Today God has breathed a fresh new air of life into all of us as we opened our eyes today. With that breathe comes new beginnings and a heartfelt desire to fulfill your purpose and destiny here on this earth. God has tremendous confidence in us all, He believes in us in a way no one else can. We can do it! Don't let naysayers tell you otherwise! We have full confidence through Jesus Christ who gives us our strength and provides us with the "yes I can!" attitude. God will guide you through this path and journey. Let go and let God for His plans are greater than our own. May this day be so abundantly blessed and prosperous in your favor. Let's soak ourselves into Gods abundant love and peace today.