Saturday, December 28, 2013

Year End Review of 2013

  • A year ago, we ended 2012 with the Springfield Community Festival and  Pastor Jose  announcing  what was to be our next big venture in Evangelism called Operation Lost.  It was a Word of commitment toward growth and that Word came to pass with true success.
  • The year started with a teaching and learning of the Daniel Fast and we fasted for 21 days.
  • We began the year  2013 with Evangelism through Operation Lost and the hardworking efforts of our Church.
  • Expanded our 1597 Allen Street Residence by holding classes Wednesday nights.
  • We presented to the altar our year harvest of success & prosperity as offerings of First Fruits.
  • Our website that was redesigned in February was expanded even more to include a mobile app.  Yes, there's an app for that.
  • We changed the look of the Resurrection Center with a new logo - out with the Eagle and in with the Lion.
  • Dan and Sarah Albitz were our special VIP guest talking  about their move to Africa.
  • Community Access TV coverage expanded reached Sunderland, Deerfield, South Deerfield, Conway, and others, and Ludlow.  We are holding at 7 communities.
  • Pastor Jose & Pastor Melly prayed for Springfield at City Hall steps the March for Jesus in March (Easter Weekend)
  • Used Radio to reach more people with seven different radio series on ITunes, BlogTalkRadio, TuneIn, Facebook, Twitter, Mobile Apps..
    • a. This Week With Pastor Melly
    • b. Pastora Lourdes on our broadcast twice - Apostle Presents
    • c. Wayne's Relationship Workshop Summary
    • d. Five part series "All Things Are Possible
    • e. Seven part series "Living The Good Live"
    • f. Miracle Highway To Heaven with Jesus
  • On May 5th we had our Epic Anniversary Event celebrating our 1st year at the building.
  • Discipleship I & II classes held at church for the first time.  
  • First Discipleship Graduation held at church and aired on TV
  • First Family Fall Festival to pick pumpkins and mums
  • First LIVE Broadcast Satellite Truck
  • Pastor Jose released latest album "Aligning Your Prayers" through EPN
  • Although not held, a Summer Sizzler event was developed and will be used for 2014 Youth event.
  • Wayne LaPointe released his book "A Seed Of Faith" through EPN, interviewed on radio, and featured at the Springfield Public Library.
  • First Revival Retreat in Berkshires "Awakening Of The Heart" - book published
  • First Baptism at Ocean Beach - the pictures were aired on TV Channel 12 and on YouTube.
  • Epic Anniversary Event to celebrate 1 Yr. @ Allen Street.  On radio & TV.
  • Surprised Pastor Melly on Mother's Day when the Apostle came
  • New Leaders were added to the Leadership Team.
  • With New Leaders new ministries were added:
    • - Security - Brother Wayne & Company
    • - Music - Sister Ely & Company
    • - Children - Sister Yolanda & Co.
    • - Youth - Brother Chris & Sister Cindy & Youth
    • - Education - Sister Haabiba & Company
    • - Men's Ministry - Brother Dwayne & Company
    • - Leadership - Your's Truly
  • First Springfield Public book signing event w/Pr. Jose & Wayne Lapointe with Christ Evangelizing
  • On October 14, Pastor Manny spoke at the pulpit and has become a strong partner with the Resurrection Center.
  • On Saturday August 3rd, we supported Pastor Jose and Wayne LaPointe as new authors and marketing their books to reach a true Christian audience.   
  • Second Filming of Christmas Movie on June 22 and aired on TV on December 19 & 260+ views on YouTube
  • We had special guests from Christina's House and to announce a small partnership.  (church & radio)
  • Monthly Men's Meeting underway and scheduled out for many months
  • Had our very first Reorganized Leadership Team Meeting, complete Activity Reporting & a website and mobile app to ensure we are structured, organized, and always moving forward.
  • Very first Youth Event Planning done in November and is ready for January
  • Our Potlucks are becoming more delicious with our largest for this year’s Christmas Dinner.
  • Christmas Movie was 100th video specific to RC seen 270 times and seen in Springfield on Channel 12.

I don’t have time to tell you everything we’ve done, but I’m guessing you’re wondering ...

What’s happening next year?   

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Message From: Pastors and Leaders of Resurrecton Center

As the Christmas Day comes upon us and the end of the year quickly approaches, the Pastors and Leaders of the Resurrection Center wanted to reach out and say how much they have loved being with you this past year.  Please enjoy our small gift CLICK HERE 

Schedule for next few days:
  • Friday, Dec 27 - Classes
  • Sunday, Dec 29 - Sunday Service
  • Monday, Dec 30 - Special Year End Event

 Looking forward to next year, and, as always, many blessings to you, your family, and loved ones.    Merry Christmas.

With blessings from:
Pastors & Leaders of The Resurrection Center.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Apostle's visit to Springfield

The Apostle spoke at the Resurrection Center in Springfield on Wednesday, December 18, 2013.   An audio recording can be downloaded from the link below.

David Ewen

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

MOVIE: Christmas As Told From The Bible

See links below that includes this year's Christmas movie.  Please forward and share.

I am honored to have worked closely with the Resurrection Center pastors, leaders, and members to produce this year's Christmas movie - "Christmas As Told From The Bible".    It was filmed the day before the first day of Summer and many months of post production to make it available today.   The movie will be on cable access television this year and on DVD and online streaming on AMAZON next year.   Plans for a theater presentation for next year along with our other Christmas movie are underway.

You can watch the entire 30 minute movie by clicking the link below.  Scroll further down for more videos and TV shows.  God bless you and merry Christmas.
(1) Christmas As Told From The Bible
(2) (Last Year's Movie) Jesus: The True Christmas Story
(3) Rock'n Round The Christmas Tree

(4) Resurrection Center on LIVE television broadcast on WWLP, Channel 22 News

(5) LIVE in studio TV interview for 2012 Riverfront cleanup

(6) Pastor Melly talks about escape from prison and fear
(7) Pastor Melly talks about a true hope

(8) Pastor Melly explains that actions speak louder than words

(9) Church service on December 8, 2013
(10) Church service on December 1, 2013
(11) Baptism in August 2013 in New London, CT at Ocean Beach

(12) Graduation For Discipleship Class in May 2013

There is more on the TV tab on our website
God bless you,
David Ewen