Thursday, January 16, 2014

Really, It's Happening !

Yes, it's really happening.  Really!   (I'm out of breath panting just thinking about it)

Check out everything that is happening.
On Friday night, January 7 at 7:00 PM, is our "Night of Deliverance" with Prophetess Lourdes Narvaez at the Resurrection Center  located at 1597 Allen Street in Springfield.   You won't want to miss it.
Do you know what you are bringing to our Potluck on Sunday, January 26?   Email us at or call at (413) 342-0354.   There will be lot's of people so the more help would be appreciated.
And on Friday the 31st is our Men's Group Meeting at 6:30 PM.   Call or email for location.
Oh yes.   Never forget.  On Wednesday nights we hold classes at 7:00 PM for everyone including a special youth group meeting with our youth ministry leaders.
Wow!  More stuff coming your way.    Stay connected with God at the Resurrection Center.
God bless,
David Ewen