Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A victorious day

Blessings on this WONDERFUL Wednesday!!!!! ☺️ Praise the Lord for another opportunity to open our eyes today and see another day!! The sun is shining bright this morning and I pray for Gods glory to be sufficient enough in your lives today. Nothing can stop you today from achieving what you want to achieve. Nothing can stop you from being completely happy and joyful because God already took our sins to the cross for us to live a life of transformation. We can be happy, we are forgiven, we are known by God, we have been bought by a price by the savior Jesus Christ!! He has come and has given us a spirit of Joy, Goodness, Love, Happiness, and PEACE! And I pray that we can act in love and compassion today. May God bless ALL of you today and give you the strength to get through this VICTORIOUS day.