Wednesday, July 31, 2013

September To Remember 2013 Kick Off

God bless you all,

This is a true blast from the past.   I am really excited to take part again in the 2nd annual riverfront cleanup next to the Basketball Hall of Fame.   Take a look at the TV interview from 2012 (August).   I dug it out of the archives and recently posted it.  
Here is the TV interview:

Get your T-Shirts from last year or get one from the Products page on our website.

God bless you,

David Ewen

Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Sizzler Moved

Summer Sizzler

Looks like the Thunderstorms predicted for the early afternoon on Saturday held off for a bit.   After a hot and humid week and the risk of being rained out, the Summer Sizzler was moved to it’s planned rain date for the following Saturday.  We will be holding our Summer Sizzler on Saturday, July 27th from 11AM to 3PM.   We are having it a little early to avoid any potential summer afternoon rain showers.   Bring the food you want to bar-b-q.  Also bring salads, pasta, etc.   In case it’s a really hot day, don’t forget to bring water or something really cool to drink.

Bar-B-Q at Summer Sizzler.

Everyone will be able to bar-b-q their own food that they bring.  It’s easy.  You can get a $3 disposable grill.   Go to to see what I mean.   You can find them at any Big Y, Stop & Shop, or any super market.  You can also find it at Target and Walmart.

With EZ Grill you can now have great tasting grilled food without the mess and hassle of using a large grill. Avoid having to use those clunky portable grills or the unsanitary grills at a park.

Baptism Celebration

If you would like to be baptized at the Resurrection Center, Pastor Melly will be holding classes on Wednesday August 7 and 14.   Please contact her if you haven’t already if you have interest.

The Baptism is scheduled for Saturday August 17th.    If there is a risk of rain or inclement weather, then the event will be postponed to the rain date of Saturday August 24th.    Dates can change.  We’ve seen it already with the Summer Sizzler, so be ready.

Waterfront Cleanup

We are repeating a successful project from last year by cleaning up the waterfront behind the Basketball Hall of Fame.    Last year we gathered together at 10AM wearing Resurrection Center Shirts, had fun.  The project was featured on TV locally on ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox.   It was also in the Republican and Reminder.

This year we will be meeting at 10:00 AM on Saturday, August 31st behind the Basketball Hall of Fame to clean

Get Your Shirts Early

You can order your shirts from  Click the products tab.    If you don’t have internet access, you can go your local library.    If you don’t have a credit card, you can load your own Green Dot debit card.    The debit card can be  found on the Resources tab on our website.   Everyone  who wants a shirt and did not get one last year may order their own.    Plan on time for shipping.

News for Monday, July 22

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Here is the video from yesterday's Sunday's Service.     Please share it with others.

Friday, July 19, 2013

The Summer Sizzler has been moved to the scheduled rain-date Saturday July 27 from 11AM to 3PM

The Summer Sizzler has been moved to the scheduled rain-date Saturday July 27 from 11AM to 3PM.    Saturday's weather is expected to be the continued hot in the morning and thunder showers in the afternoon, so we are using the planned rain date.     The time has been changed from 12p-6p to 11AM-3PM to avoid any potential summer afternoon showers.

The Pot Luck is this Sunday, July 21st after Service.

Stay cool !   ~ David Ewen

Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 7 Newsletter

July 7 Newsletter

News and Notes

(1) Summary of Wednesday's class.   Getting the slime out of your life (click link) 

(2) Support Pastor Jose and brother Wayne LaPointe as part of an August 3rd event.  

(3) Hello  all,  Happy 4th of July.  Enjoy friends and family today.  Independence Day reminds us of our free will given by grace.  Let's use it wisely by seeking the Lord's will.  This wise coice will flourish blessings you never imagined.  Join us Sunday at 4 as we wlcome both of our beautiful Pastors back for a powerful message that will be uplifting exhilarating, and nourishing in Spirit.  God Bless you all.

(4) Have you missed our newsletters we hand out during church service.  All past issues are here:

God bless you all.

David Ewen