Saturday, December 28, 2013

Year End Review of 2013

  • A year ago, we ended 2012 with the Springfield Community Festival and  Pastor Jose  announcing  what was to be our next big venture in Evangelism called Operation Lost.  It was a Word of commitment toward growth and that Word came to pass with true success.
  • The year started with a teaching and learning of the Daniel Fast and we fasted for 21 days.
  • We began the year  2013 with Evangelism through Operation Lost and the hardworking efforts of our Church.
  • Expanded our 1597 Allen Street Residence by holding classes Wednesday nights.
  • We presented to the altar our year harvest of success & prosperity as offerings of First Fruits.
  • Our website that was redesigned in February was expanded even more to include a mobile app.  Yes, there's an app for that.
  • We changed the look of the Resurrection Center with a new logo - out with the Eagle and in with the Lion.
  • Dan and Sarah Albitz were our special VIP guest talking  about their move to Africa.
  • Community Access TV coverage expanded reached Sunderland, Deerfield, South Deerfield, Conway, and others, and Ludlow.  We are holding at 7 communities.
  • Pastor Jose & Pastor Melly prayed for Springfield at City Hall steps the March for Jesus in March (Easter Weekend)
  • Used Radio to reach more people with seven different radio series on ITunes, BlogTalkRadio, TuneIn, Facebook, Twitter, Mobile Apps..
    • a. This Week With Pastor Melly
    • b. Pastora Lourdes on our broadcast twice - Apostle Presents
    • c. Wayne's Relationship Workshop Summary
    • d. Five part series "All Things Are Possible
    • e. Seven part series "Living The Good Live"
    • f. Miracle Highway To Heaven with Jesus
  • On May 5th we had our Epic Anniversary Event celebrating our 1st year at the building.
  • Discipleship I & II classes held at church for the first time.  
  • First Discipleship Graduation held at church and aired on TV
  • First Family Fall Festival to pick pumpkins and mums
  • First LIVE Broadcast Satellite Truck
  • Pastor Jose released latest album "Aligning Your Prayers" through EPN
  • Although not held, a Summer Sizzler event was developed and will be used for 2014 Youth event.
  • Wayne LaPointe released his book "A Seed Of Faith" through EPN, interviewed on radio, and featured at the Springfield Public Library.
  • First Revival Retreat in Berkshires "Awakening Of The Heart" - book published
  • First Baptism at Ocean Beach - the pictures were aired on TV Channel 12 and on YouTube.
  • Epic Anniversary Event to celebrate 1 Yr. @ Allen Street.  On radio & TV.
  • Surprised Pastor Melly on Mother's Day when the Apostle came
  • New Leaders were added to the Leadership Team.
  • With New Leaders new ministries were added:
    • - Security - Brother Wayne & Company
    • - Music - Sister Ely & Company
    • - Children - Sister Yolanda & Co.
    • - Youth - Brother Chris & Sister Cindy & Youth
    • - Education - Sister Haabiba & Company
    • - Men's Ministry - Brother Dwayne & Company
    • - Leadership - Your's Truly
  • First Springfield Public book signing event w/Pr. Jose & Wayne Lapointe with Christ Evangelizing
  • On October 14, Pastor Manny spoke at the pulpit and has become a strong partner with the Resurrection Center.
  • On Saturday August 3rd, we supported Pastor Jose and Wayne LaPointe as new authors and marketing their books to reach a true Christian audience.   
  • Second Filming of Christmas Movie on June 22 and aired on TV on December 19 & 260+ views on YouTube
  • We had special guests from Christina's House and to announce a small partnership.  (church & radio)
  • Monthly Men's Meeting underway and scheduled out for many months
  • Had our very first Reorganized Leadership Team Meeting, complete Activity Reporting & a website and mobile app to ensure we are structured, organized, and always moving forward.
  • Very first Youth Event Planning done in November and is ready for January
  • Our Potlucks are becoming more delicious with our largest for this year’s Christmas Dinner.
  • Christmas Movie was 100th video specific to RC seen 270 times and seen in Springfield on Channel 12.

I don’t have time to tell you everything we’ve done, but I’m guessing you’re wondering ...

What’s happening next year?   

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Message From: Pastors and Leaders of Resurrecton Center

As the Christmas Day comes upon us and the end of the year quickly approaches, the Pastors and Leaders of the Resurrection Center wanted to reach out and say how much they have loved being with you this past year.  Please enjoy our small gift CLICK HERE 

Schedule for next few days:
  • Friday, Dec 27 - Classes
  • Sunday, Dec 29 - Sunday Service
  • Monday, Dec 30 - Special Year End Event

 Looking forward to next year, and, as always, many blessings to you, your family, and loved ones.    Merry Christmas.

With blessings from:
Pastors & Leaders of The Resurrection Center.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Apostle's visit to Springfield

The Apostle spoke at the Resurrection Center in Springfield on Wednesday, December 18, 2013.   An audio recording can be downloaded from the link below.

David Ewen

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

MOVIE: Christmas As Told From The Bible

See links below that includes this year's Christmas movie.  Please forward and share.

I am honored to have worked closely with the Resurrection Center pastors, leaders, and members to produce this year's Christmas movie - "Christmas As Told From The Bible".    It was filmed the day before the first day of Summer and many months of post production to make it available today.   The movie will be on cable access television this year and on DVD and online streaming on AMAZON next year.   Plans for a theater presentation for next year along with our other Christmas movie are underway.

You can watch the entire 30 minute movie by clicking the link below.  Scroll further down for more videos and TV shows.  God bless you and merry Christmas.
(1) Christmas As Told From The Bible
(2) (Last Year's Movie) Jesus: The True Christmas Story
(3) Rock'n Round The Christmas Tree

(4) Resurrection Center on LIVE television broadcast on WWLP, Channel 22 News

(5) LIVE in studio TV interview for 2012 Riverfront cleanup

(6) Pastor Melly talks about escape from prison and fear
(7) Pastor Melly talks about a true hope

(8) Pastor Melly explains that actions speak louder than words

(9) Church service on December 8, 2013
(10) Church service on December 1, 2013
(11) Baptism in August 2013 in New London, CT at Ocean Beach

(12) Graduation For Discipleship Class in May 2013

There is more on the TV tab on our website
God bless you,
David Ewen

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving & More

God bless you all,

The Pastors and Leadership Team of the Resurrection Center pray abundant blessings for you, family, and friends on this special Thanksgiving Holiday.    The warmest of love, peace, and comfort is with you.   

More church services is now available on our mobile app (see attached).    In addition to the videos of our church services, you can hear the radio shows with Wayne LaPointe giving an overview of the Relationship Workshop Seminar.

On Sunday, December 8 we will be collecting toys for our annual Toys For Tots campaign.   It was a huge success last year and resulted in a beautiful feeling of putting smiles on needy children's faces.  

New classes are being held on Discipleship.  Graduates of Discipleship I can take the next class Discipleship II.  Join us every Wednesday at 6:45PM

The seven part miniseries "Living The Good Life" can be watched on any mobile device or computer, anytime and anywhere here:

Recently members of Christina's House were welcomed by the Resurrection Center and talked about their Christian mission.   Listen to a follow up here: 

New church services have been added to our mobile app.   More will be added.   (See attached).  You can access our services anytime, any where on any mobile device.  (tablets, cells)

Enjoy this Thanksgiving with family and friends.   God bless you.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thank you.

The Resurrection Center has received a big THANK YOU from the Springfield Rescue Mission for the Food Drive conducted last Sunday (Nov 17).   The food was delivered today in time for next week's Thanksgiving dinner being put on for the hungry and homeless.

Recently members of Christina's House were welcomed by the Resurrection Center and talked about their Christian mission.   Today, they were on "Your World Discovered" on EPN.   Listen here: 

The pot luck is this Sunday, November 24 to celebrate our church family and Thanksgiving.  Bring a dish.  Please let Erica Rodriquez know what you are bringing or reply to this email.

New classes are being held beginning November 20th on Discipleship.  Graduates of Discipleship I can take the next class Discipleship II.  Join us every Wednesday at 6:45PM

The seven part miniseries "Living The Good Life" can be watched on any mobile device or computer, anytime and anywhere here:

Print the attached to learn how you can install the Resurrection Center mobile app.   You'll always be connected to the Resurrection Center.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Did I Know That?

Recently members of Christina's House were welcomed by the Resurrection Center and talked about their Christian mission.   Today, they were on "Your World Discovered" on EPN.   Listen here: 

The can collection for the Springfield Rescue Mission is this Sunday at 4PM.   Bring food to help make a better Thanksgiving for those at the Springfield Rescue Mission.

The Resurrection Center has an app on any mobile device.  More features of this app are being added all the time.  For now we have the videos (TV shows), radio shows, and website.  

The way you'll add the app to your phone is you will make a shortcut to your home screen of a the app from a website.   The shortcut is how you'll pin the app to the home screen of your phone or tablet.

Go to:    and bookmark or save as a favorite in the browser of your mobile device.   Then take that bookmark or browser and make a shortcut to pin on the home screen of your mobile device.   The idea is that you'll put the website   as a shortcut to the home screen of your phone or tablet.   It's a two step process - 1st make as a bookmark or favorite.  2nd pin the bookmark or favorite to the home screen.

The app is new and has the radio shows, TV shows, and website.

God bless you.

David Ewen

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Yes, you are invited

On Sunday, October 20th, we will be holding our potluck.   Bring a dish.

Wayne LaPointe will give a summary of last Wednesday's Relationship Workshop this Sunday at 8AM.  It airs LIVE and then available on-demand, anytime, anywhere, on any mobile device.  See the attached on how to install your mobile app for the Resurrection Center.

Join us every Wednesday at 6:45PM and Sunday's at 4 at the Resurrection Center at 1597 Allen Street, Springfield, MA.  Learn more by going to our website and also our mobile app (see attached).

David Ewen

Friday, October 11, 2013

Pastor Appreciation Day - Join Us

God bless you all, 

We have a special celebration for our Pastors on Sunday, October 13 and Sunday, October 20th.   Join us!

Did you know that Sunday, October 13 is Pastor Appreciation Day?  It is held the 2nd Sunday of October each year.   As part of the celebration, we share the Lord's good word presented by our Pastors to anyone with our new APP.  See the video and the attached to learn more.   Our special celebration will be during the potluck a week later on Sunday, October 20th.   Bring a dish.

Celebrate today, by sharing the APP.    With cell phones and tablets, people can worship with the Resurrection Center anytime, anywhere, on any mobile device.  The mobile app gives people a comfortable setting to check us out and learn more about the Resurrection Center.  The attached and this video show how.


Also, see the attached & share with others.

David Ewen

Sunday, September 29, 2013

You Can Watch It Here

Wayne LaPointe's Relationship Workshop Summary is here:

The seven part miniseries "Living The Good Life" can be watched on any mobile device or computer, anytime and anywhere here:

All radio shows for  "This Week With Pastor Melly" can be heard for free on the TuneIn app on any mobile device, anytime, anywhere or you can go to this website:

Sunday services are always found on the TV tab on the church website: 

Invite friends and family to join us every Sunday at 4PM for Church Worship and Service at 1597 Allen Street, Springfield

David Ewen

Monday, September 23, 2013

She did what??

Yes, Pastor Melly presented the word on Sunday and here it is:

Oh, yes, and here's more:   The Resurrection Center goes far beyond the walls of a building.   Our TV shows are in seven communities and growing.    Our radio shows are aired LIVE and can be heard on any mobile device, anytime, and anywhere by downloading the TuneIn app ( from your app store.

Radio show:  This Week With Pastor Melly

Radio show:   Wayne's Relationship Workshop

TV shows (7 communities)

Pot Luck Schedule:   BRING A DISH

  • Sunday, October, 20
  • Sunday, November 24
  • Sunday, December 22

David Ewen

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Resurrection Center Spin-Off from Ewen Prime Company, Inc.

The following is entered into record and made public as a matter of required legal compliance and responsibilities to members of the Resurrection Center by its former parent corporation Ewen Prime Company, Inc.  (David Ewen is president of Ewen Prime Company, Inc.)   In addition to the items being shared below, all authenticating documents are made publicly available in the Public Files located at: 
For over a year and a half (18 plus months), the Resurrection Center has been an affiliate division of Ewen Prime Company, Inc.   On Monday, August 26, 2013 the Resurrection Center was spun-off from Ewen Prime Company, Inc. and is now a stand-alone corporation independent of Ewen Prime Company, Inc.    An hour long presentation and ceremony was held at the home offices of Ewen Prime Company, Inc. by David K. Ewen, M.Ed. 
Here are two items.   One is an audio file recorded from the "Transfer of Command and Assets" presentation and the other is EP2061-X.2.   In addition to the two items below, the Public Files for this transaction also serve as minutes to the meeting.   The public files are located at:

First item - Audio

The audio from last night's meeting and ceremony serves as the meeting minutes.    They have also been submitted to Amazon for CD and MP3 download as a permanent archive.    The audio is also included permanently in the Public Files

The link below has two files - one is an MP3 and the other is a zip file with the MP3 inside.  This is unedited 64 minute presentation that has been submitted to Amazon and will be available as CD and MP3 download.

Second item - EP2061-X.2

Below is the executive order.  I share it here as I was a little broken up during my presentation.  (It is also in the Public Files as a signed certificate)

Make known to whom these Executive Orders may come that by the advice of Ewen Prime Company, Inc. through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, a Transfer of Command and Assets is engaged.    Action toward all  Federal, State, IRS, FCC, and local laws are compliant..  Written authorization is entered,  recognized, and authenticated as Executive Order EP2061-X.2 by Ewen Prime Company, Inc.     All documentation  is legal compliant.

David K. Ewen, M.Ed.,  President of Ewen Prime Company, Inc. on Monday, August 26, 2013,  hereby kneels to God and stands attention to Executive Orders.    

The President of Ewen Prime Company, Inc. is hereby requested and required to relinquish affiliate division Resurrection Center to Pastor Jose E. Martinez, as of this date, August 26, 2013 as instructed by Executive Orders EP2061-X.2.

Enter into record the immediate transfer of all assets to be received by Pastor Jose E. Martinez.   Enter into record the immediate transfer of executive documents to Pastor Jose E. Martinez.   

Pastor Jose E. Martinez stands attention to Executive Order.  Pastor Jose E. Martinez is instructed to accept Resurrection Center  and installed as President of Resurrection Center effective August 26, 2013.     Romans 13:1 - Obey the rulers who have authority over you. Only God can give authority to anyone, and he puts these rulers in their places of power.   Authority is active for Pastor Jose E. Martinez   serving as President of Resurrection Center with divine guidance.  Jesus says in John 14:21 - If you love me, you will do what I have said, and my Father will love you.      I will also love you and show you what I am like.    

With all its honors and privileges in testimony whereof witness the signature of Ewen Prime Company, Inc. the Transfer of Command and Assets is engaged and complete.  Resurrection Center is operating under New Resurrection Center of Springfield, Inc.  as per Articles of Organization written, authorized, and signed  by David K. Ewen, M.Ed. and filed  with recognition to  the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with  authentication on August 7, 2013.      Executive Order EP2061-X.2 is active.  The future of Resurrection Center is flooded with abundant unimaginable blessings.   

Resurrection Center is released from the protective boundaries of Ewen Prime Company, Inc effective immediately.    All corporate umbilical connections are released.    Resurrection Center is engaged independently effective August 26, 2013 under President and Pastor Jose E. Martinez.

Audit & Compliance for New Resurrection Center of Springfield

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday August 31 at 10:00 - Volunteers Clean Riverfront in Springfield

Volunteers from the Resurrection Center and invited area residents want to improve the health and beauty of the city of Springfield.   Following the success of last year's cleanup, the Resurrection Center is doing more this year to gather residents making this year an even greater success.

The second annual volunteer clean up effort of the riverfront will be accomplished by removing bottles, cans, trash, and any physical pollution that can be safely removed.   Children helping will be supported by adults.

The event will be held on Saturday, August 31, 2013 at 10:00 AM and continue for a few hours. 

Volunteers will be meeting in the parking lot of the Basketball Hall of Fame next to LA Fitness along the riverfront.   After brief instructions, the march and cleanup will begin.

Why is the cleanup being done?   Volunteers say this will give you a brighter smile and it will make you love Springfield.   
David Ewen

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Your kidding! Right? Say it isn't so.

You mean we have all this news?  Really?

The baptism at the Resurrection Center on August 17, 2013 will be aired on TV. Here is what people will see

Children give the inspiration for our future.  Take a look:

Shirts for the Riverfront cleanup on August 31 (10AM) can be found on teh poroducts tab on our website  (   If you have a shirt from last year, don't forget to wear it.

The video from last Sunday's service is on our website by clicking the TV tab.   Catch up on all of our videos.   

Thursday is the men's meeting at Red Rose and Friday is the woman's meeting at the Pastor's house.

God bless you all,

David Ewen

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Baptism in New London, CT

Our Baptism ceremony will be at Ocean Beach 98 Neptune Ave, New London, CT 06320.  Parking and entrance is $20.  Don't forget to pack a lunch and bring water   The website is:

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

September To Remember 2013 Kick Off

God bless you all,

This is a true blast from the past.   I am really excited to take part again in the 2nd annual riverfront cleanup next to the Basketball Hall of Fame.   Take a look at the TV interview from 2012 (August).   I dug it out of the archives and recently posted it.  
Here is the TV interview:

Get your T-Shirts from last year or get one from the Products page on our website.

God bless you,

David Ewen

Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Sizzler Moved

Summer Sizzler

Looks like the Thunderstorms predicted for the early afternoon on Saturday held off for a bit.   After a hot and humid week and the risk of being rained out, the Summer Sizzler was moved to it’s planned rain date for the following Saturday.  We will be holding our Summer Sizzler on Saturday, July 27th from 11AM to 3PM.   We are having it a little early to avoid any potential summer afternoon rain showers.   Bring the food you want to bar-b-q.  Also bring salads, pasta, etc.   In case it’s a really hot day, don’t forget to bring water or something really cool to drink.

Bar-B-Q at Summer Sizzler.

Everyone will be able to bar-b-q their own food that they bring.  It’s easy.  You can get a $3 disposable grill.   Go to to see what I mean.   You can find them at any Big Y, Stop & Shop, or any super market.  You can also find it at Target and Walmart.

With EZ Grill you can now have great tasting grilled food without the mess and hassle of using a large grill. Avoid having to use those clunky portable grills or the unsanitary grills at a park.

Baptism Celebration

If you would like to be baptized at the Resurrection Center, Pastor Melly will be holding classes on Wednesday August 7 and 14.   Please contact her if you haven’t already if you have interest.

The Baptism is scheduled for Saturday August 17th.    If there is a risk of rain or inclement weather, then the event will be postponed to the rain date of Saturday August 24th.    Dates can change.  We’ve seen it already with the Summer Sizzler, so be ready.

Waterfront Cleanup

We are repeating a successful project from last year by cleaning up the waterfront behind the Basketball Hall of Fame.    Last year we gathered together at 10AM wearing Resurrection Center Shirts, had fun.  The project was featured on TV locally on ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox.   It was also in the Republican and Reminder.

This year we will be meeting at 10:00 AM on Saturday, August 31st behind the Basketball Hall of Fame to clean

Get Your Shirts Early

You can order your shirts from  Click the products tab.    If you don’t have internet access, you can go your local library.    If you don’t have a credit card, you can load your own Green Dot debit card.    The debit card can be  found on the Resources tab on our website.   Everyone  who wants a shirt and did not get one last year may order their own.    Plan on time for shipping.

News for Monday, July 22

Visit our Facebook page and click the  "LIKE" button:   

Here is the video from yesterday's Sunday's Service.     Please share it with others.

Friday, July 19, 2013

The Summer Sizzler has been moved to the scheduled rain-date Saturday July 27 from 11AM to 3PM

The Summer Sizzler has been moved to the scheduled rain-date Saturday July 27 from 11AM to 3PM.    Saturday's weather is expected to be the continued hot in the morning and thunder showers in the afternoon, so we are using the planned rain date.     The time has been changed from 12p-6p to 11AM-3PM to avoid any potential summer afternoon showers.

The Pot Luck is this Sunday, July 21st after Service.

Stay cool !   ~ David Ewen

Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 7 Newsletter

July 7 Newsletter

News and Notes

(1) Summary of Wednesday's class.   Getting the slime out of your life (click link) 

(2) Support Pastor Jose and brother Wayne LaPointe as part of an August 3rd event.  

(3) Hello  all,  Happy 4th of July.  Enjoy friends and family today.  Independence Day reminds us of our free will given by grace.  Let's use it wisely by seeking the Lord's will.  This wise coice will flourish blessings you never imagined.  Join us Sunday at 4 as we wlcome both of our beautiful Pastors back for a powerful message that will be uplifting exhilarating, and nourishing in Spirit.  God Bless you all.

(4) Have you missed our newsletters we hand out during church service.  All past issues are here:

God bless you all.

David Ewen