Thursday, May 30, 2013

Newsletter for June 2

Here is our calendar of events:

Don't forget to listen to "This Week With Pastor Melly".  You can always Listen-On-Demand by downloading the Tune In app on to your cell phone or tablet computer and search for "Your World Discovered" catch up on all of our shows.

Audience Grows

The television broadcast has grown from one to two to now seven communities in Western Massachusetts.   The towns covered by the Resurrection Center television broadcast are:

Springfield, Ludlow, Whately, Conway, Sunderland, Deerfield, and South Deerfield.

New Show to Air on Radio

Beginning on Wednesday, June 5th a periodic segment called “Apostle Presents” will air on our radio broadcast.   On the first show Apostle Lourdes Narvaez will be the guest to give a word and address the Resurrection Center on Your World Discovered on EPN.  

The will air LIVE and then saved for Listening-On-Demand anytime on your cell phone using the Tune In app.    You can get the free Tune In app from any app store using your cell phone or tablet computer.    Using the Tune In app, you can access all shows for “Your World Discovered” by searching for “Your World Discovered”

Learning Philosophy Of Leadership

Every Wednesday evening at 6:45PM, Pastor Jose Martinez is presenting the Word and training.   The book that goes along with the training is $12.  See David Ewen to get a copy of the book
Already a Boom and Bang

Our second year at 1597 Allen Street has already begun with a boom and a bang!  After celebrating the first anniversary with the “Epic Anniversary Event”, we were addressed by Apostle’s Enrique and Lourdes Narvaez, followed by the Discipleship Graduation.   The Pastor also started a new weekly service DEEP presented every Sunday.   We also launched on May 10th a weekly “This Week With Pastor Melly” on radio.     We really are the fastest growing church in New England.

Resurrection Center on Red Carpet

The success of the first and second Christmas movies that included the Resurrection Center was a success with DVD and video download sales that went on for several months beyond last year’s Christmas season.   It has the message people want to hear.    Now a third Christmas movie is being prepared that will cast solely members of the Resurrection Center.     The film shoot is for one day and begins early on June 22.

The movie filmed and presented last year is called “Jesus: The True Christmas Story”.     On December 16 it was featured at the Springfield Community Festival held at the Resurrection Center.

This Christmas it will air on TV along with the movie being filmed on June 22nd.   Would you and your children like to participate?  Let us know.

Anytime and Anywhere

Travel anywhere with the Resurrection Center.   Did you know you can get the word at anytime, anywhere with your cell phone or tablet computer?   Just download the free Tune In app and search for “Your World Discovered”.  Listen to brother Wayne LaPointe talk about his new book.  Listen to Pastor Melly Martinez share the Word.  Listen to Sister Haabiba Whitney talk about new disciples.  Hear bible readings.    The shows are also on television in Springfield, Channel 12 at 8PM on Thursday nights.

Calendar Of Events - June 2013 through December 2013

Calendar Of Events - June 2013 through December 2013

June 5 - Radio show with Apostle Lourdes Narvaez.   After June 5th always available on your cell phone and tablet computer with the free Tune In app

June 8 & 9 - Awakening Of The Heart revival retreat in the Berkshires

Saturday, June 22 Film Production of our latest Christmas Movie

Saturday, July 20 (Rain Date July 27th) 1PM - 6PM - Summer Sizzler Bar-B-Q at Forest Park

Saturday, August 3  “Awaken Your Potential and Discover Truth” at Springfield Public Library beginning at 9:30AM.  Parking is across the street.  Address is 220 State Street.

Saturday, August 17 (Rain Date: Saturday, August 24) - Beach Blessings and Baptisms at Ocean Beach in New London Connecticut

Saturday, August 31 at 10:00 AM, September To Remember - Riverfront Cleanup.  We will meet in the parking lot between LA Fitness and the Basketball Hall of Fame

October 12 at 11 AM - Fall festival with farm tours

November 1 - 16, Food Drive for Springfield Rescue Mission and Friends Of The Homeless

December 1 - 14, Toy drive for Toys For Tots (United States Marines)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Congratulations Graduates

Enjoy the Discipleship graduation here:     It will be added to the website as time permits.   While we wait for that to happen, all videos are available at .   Subscribe so you'll always know when a new video is available.

Currently our videos are being broadcast in seven communities:  Springfield, Ludlow, Conway, Sunderland, Whatley, Deerfield, and over the river in South Deerfield.    The five communities in the Northern Pioneer valley went online yesterday and are now part of the family of EPN that will enjoy weekly Resurrection Services.   Scheduling for Chicopee, Holyoke, and West Springfield are on hold.   For the immediate moment we have seven communities.

You can always check out our old news at our blog 

David Ewen

Friday, May 24, 2013

Other Stuff inlcuding "This Week With Pastor Melly"

This week with Pastor Melly aired earlier today and you can hear it with the link below or search for "Your World Discovered" using the Tune In app (download from your app store to your phone)

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~ David Ewen

This Week With Pastor Melly

This week with Pastor Melly

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Additional News

You can go as far back as you like to catch up on our news by going to our blog.

Our previously aired radio shows are found on 

All radio shows are available on your cell phone and tablet computer by downloading the Tune In app.   After you download the Tune In app, search for "Your  World  Discovered".   

Each week, a new episode of "This Week With Pastor Melly" is aired on Your World Discovered.   You can listen to our previously aired shows using the Tune In app on your cell phone or tablet computer.   Or you can go directly to: 

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We prayed on provided a tribute to those in Oklahoma City (Moore Oklahoma)

Did you know we are on Twitter?   Follow us at @ResCentSpring and #ResurrectionCenter or go directly to

All of our videos are found on our website by clicking the TV tab.   Go to    These videos are also aired on community access television in Ludlow, Springfield, and soon Chicopee.

Join us every Wednesday night for "Philosophy Of Leadership" with Pastor Jose Martinez.   On Friday, Pastor Melly Martinez airs her show "This Week With Pastor Melly" on Your World Discovered.   Our weekly worship and services are with Pastors Jose & Melly Martinez every Sunday at 4PM at 1597 Allen Street in Springfield.

Five reasons people don't pay tithes to their church

Five reasons people don't pay tithes to their church:

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Oklahoma City

As news reports keep being updated hour-by-hour, the Resurrection Center stands in prayer for all the loved people and families in Oklahoma City.    We hold our hands high in prayer.  Our hearts and prayers go out to the men, women, children, and families in Oklahoma City.     In Psalm 46:1, we are reminded that God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.  We pray that the people of Oklahoma City can be guided by the scripture in Psalms 55:22: Cast your burden on the LORD, and he will sustain you; he will never permit the righteous to be moved.   May the Holy Spirit guide people to comfort and to be able to comfort each other.  John 13:16-18 And I will pray the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may abide with you forever— the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees Him nor knows Him; but you know Him, for He dwells with you and will be in you. I will not leave you orphans; I will come to you.   The entire Resurrection Center asks that our prayers of comfort continue until His will is done. ~ David Ewen, Resurrection Center

Monday, May 20, 2013

You Know It

God bless everyone,

This message is to ensure everyone is up to date with everything that is happening at the Resurrection Center.   Pass this on so that we don't miss anyone.   

Thanks to all who supported Operation Lost on Saturday, May 18th in downtown Springfield.   Also our continued thanks go out to our regular visitors on Sunday.  

The video for the series premier DEEP on May 19 with Pastor Jose can be found on our website by clicking the TV tab.

This Wednesday, May 22 Pastor Jose continues the Leadership class "Philosophy Of Leadership"

On Friday, May 24th, Pastor Melly will be broadcasting on Your World Discovered on her 3rd radio show on EPN.   Check out all shows by going to

On Sunday, May 26, Sister Haabiba Whitney presents graduates of the 2nd Discipleship Class.  You will see regular ordinary people give extraordinary testimonies.

Congratulations to the candidates for success who will attend the June 8 & 9 revival retreat in the Berkshires called "Awakening Of The Heart".   Incredible changes and testimonies will blossom in  unexpected ways.

God bless you all ~ David Ewen

Friday, May 17, 2013

This Week With Pastor Melly

Pastor Melly on radio  Also download the TuneIn app and search for Your World Discovered to get all of our shows.  ~ David Ewen

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Frequently Asked Questions - "Awakening Of The Heart"

Here are all the answers to the frequently asked questions about the revival retreat "Awakening Of The Heart".  Last day to reserve your room or cabin is Friday, May 17th.

QUESTION:  Is the revival retreat "Awakening Of The Heart" worth it?

ANSWER:    Yes.  It will give you joy.  This will make you grow.  It will make you excited to live.

QUESTION:  Where does the money go?  Who is getting paid?

ANSWER:    No one gets money.   The only thing you pay for is the room or cabin you are staying in. All payment are made directly to Lanesborough Country Inn by calling (413) 442-1009 (Mon-Fri 11a-2p).  The Resurrection Center does not touch or handle money for this event. There are no fees or offerings.   This is a huge effort to enrich people's lives.

QUESTION:  Where is the revival retreat being held?

ANSWER:    The event is being held at Lanesborough Country Inn located in the Berkshires at 499 South Main Street, Lanesborough, Massachusetts.

QUESTION:  How do I reserve my room or cabin for the one night stay from June 8 to June 9?

ANSWER:    Call Lanesborough Country Inn at (413) 442-1009 from the hours of 11AM to 1PM, Monday through Friday.  Last day to reserve a room for this event is Friday, May 17, 2013.

QUESTION:  When is the last day I can reserve a room or cabin for the event.   

ANSWER:    The last day is Friday, May 17.  To reserve, call Lanesborough Country Inn at (413) 442-1009 

QUESTION:  Why is the last day to register for the event on May 17?

ANSWER:    The event was first announced on February 26 giving enough time for people wanting to enrich their lives enough time to register.  People have been given multiple advance notifications by text, email, Facebook, Twitter, radio shows, calendar invites, postcards, and newsletters.  Those who fully intend on enriching their lives have already made the proactive decision to make a positive change to increase their potential.  The event has proprietary copy-written content.  Also the sharing among members is private so the environment needs to be safe.   A non disclosure agreement will be signed by participants.   Preparation by participants need to be completed in advance of the event.

QUESTION:  Can I decide to go at the last minute?

ANSWER:    No.  The preparation by participants need to be completed long before the event.  This ensures that those people attending take full advantage of the enrichment in their lives they will soon experience.

QUESTION:  What if I can't afford to go?

ANSWER:    We have solutions.  Call us, but not after May 17.  Friday, May 17 is the deadline.

QUESTION:  What is the general schedule?

ANSWER:    Check in is on Saturday, June 8 at 3PM.   Bar-B-Q is t 5PM.  Church Service is at 6PM followed by the Workshop Seminar "Awakening Of The Heart" that will run until 11.  At 11PM we will have closing prayers and participants will go to their room or cabin.   The next morning we will have a country breakfast at 8 or 9 in the morning followed by the completion of the "Awakening Of The Heart" workshop seminar.  We will leave the campus to return home around 11AM, Sunday June 9th.  We'll all meet again at 4PM on June 9th for church service at 1597 Allen Street, Springfield, MA

QUESTION:  Are your sure I can't decide at the last minute?

ANSWER:    Yes we are sure.  An organized, advance planning process is required to give full respect of participants who chose to enrich their lives.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Pastor Melly Surprised On Mother's Day -

It was a very emotional surprise Mother's Day for Pastor Melly of the Resurrection Center ( Behind the scenes, Apostle Enrique Narvaez and Apostle Lourdes Narvaez arranged a surprise visit during the Resurrection Center Mother's Day Celebration. The video begins with the shock Melly had when she discovered that her spiritual parents were making an onsite visit. Both Apostles gave a beautiful Word that gave honor to all mothers on Mother's Day.   

~ David Ewen

Friday, May 10, 2013

Pastor Melly on Radio

This Week With Pastor Melly is aired LIVE every Friday on our broadcast.  Listen to the show that was aired earlier today.  You can listen to it on-demand any time and find it here will all of our shows:

Thursday, May 9, 2013

More News You Cannot Miss

The special edition of Your World Discovered is in two parts.  The 2nd part has news updates.

If you would like to be cast in the next movie "Jesus: A True Christmas Story - 2", let me know.   Later this Summer, we will also be casting for an Easter movie that will be released in 2014.  The one day filming event is on June 22.

If you haven't reserved your room or cabin for the Awakening Of The Heart revival retreat in the Berkshires, call before space runs out.    The number for Lanesborough Country Inn is (413) 442-1009.  Reserve a one night stay for the night of June 8th.   

The Operation Lost teams will not be going out on Saturday May 11.   See team captains for updated schedule and new team assignments.

If you want to catch up on old emails, you can go to our blog at

~ David Ewen

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Awakening Of The Heart

On Saturday, June 8 & 9, we will have a revival retreat called Awakening Of The Heart.   To register for your room or cabin in the Berkshires call the Lanesboro Country Inn at (413) 442-1009 for a one night stay (night of June 8th).   Reservations are done by phone and the best time to call is from 11AM to 2PM.  Everyone will pay for and share if they like a hotel room or cabin. Ask for an email confirmation.  The address is 499 S Main Street, Lanesborough,  Massachusetts 01237.   

The general schedule is as follows:

Saturday, June 8 (afternoon)

  • 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM -- Arrive & Check-in
  • 4:30 PM -5:30PM  -- Bar-B-Q
  • 6:00-11:00 -- Awakening Of The Heart
  • 11:30 PM -- Sleep until morning

Sunday, June 9 (morning)

  • 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM -- Country Breakfast with Coffee & Tea
  • 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM -- Awakening Of The Heart Service
  • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM -- Pack and prepare to depart
  • 11:00 AM                  -- Return home
  • 4:00 PM (afternoon)   -- Church Service at 1597 Allen Street

At the Resurrection Center, we honor our Pastors Jose Martinez and Melly Martinez for leading our church body at 1597 Allen Street in Springfield that includes services every Sunday at 4PM.   As we  move to a higher dimension beyond the next level, we focus on Spiritual Growth.    

Our Spiritual Growth begins with a radio show and a revival retreat.   The radio shows are at    and the revival retreat is during a one night stay in the Berkshires from June 8th to June 9th.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Spiritual Growth

At the Resurrection Center we truly honor our Pastors Jose and Melly Martinez for leding he church body in our first year at 1597 Allen Street in Springfield.   As we move to a higher dimension beyond the next level, we focus on on our Spiritual Growth.    Continue to be guided by Pastors Jose and Melly Martinez.    This radio show contains spiritual elements to help you along the way (click to listen)

Today, May 6th marks the one year anniversary of services held at 1597 Allen Street in Springfield.

(1) Check out the video of our Epic Anniversary Event:

(2) Learn about our first year accomplishments on our radio show:

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~ God bless you - David Ewen

Happy Anniversary ! Check out our news

Happy Anniversary !

Check out our epic anniversary event:

Learn about our first year accomplishments on our radio show:

Catch up on all the news from our blog:

Follow us on twitter:

Click "LIKE" on our Facebook page:

Check out our website:

Our Videos are on the TV tab on our web site:

See our Facebook page

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Epic Anniversary Event filmed 5/5/2013

Check out our epic anniversary event

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Did you know? Epic Anniversary Event !

Great honor and appreciation go to Pastor Jose Martinez and Pastor Melly Martinez.   They have been blessed by the holy spirit to be a true gift to the Resurrection Center and the people of Springfield.   All of us give our true sincere thanks to everything they have done and will do in the future.   

The Resurrection Center has gone through several positive milestones and during this Epic Anniversary Event, we take time out to recognize those accomplishments.  Listen to the radio show that features the success of the fastest growing church in New England.

If you need to catch up on our emails, go to

~ David Ewen

Epic Anniversary Event on Radio

Epic Anniversary Event on Radio (also don't forget to join us today at 4:00 at 1597 Allen Street, Springfield, MA)

~ David Ewen

Friday, May 3, 2013

Catch Up

Catch up on all the radio shows on-demand

Grande Finale !

May God bless the Pastors of the Resurrection Center.   They have had a terrific first year at 1597 Allen Street.  Join Pastor Jose & Pastor Melly as we celebrate Sunday, May 5th at 4PM.

The Grande Finale of the 5 part series "All Things Are Possible" is here:

Catch up on all of our shows at:

~ David Ewen

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pastor Appreciation

We celebrate our appreciation for our Pastors on Sunday, May 5th for our Epic Anniversary Event at 1597 Allen Street in Springfield, Massachusetts.   Seating is at 4:00 PM.   Join us as we take a trip back to see what made the Resurrection Center the fastest growing church in New England.   Also discover your future at the Resurrection Center.
Join the Resurrection Center for the awakening in your life.   Receive what you have been seeking.   Don't be late to register your room or cabin for the Resurrection Center revival retreat "Awakening Of The Heart" on June 8 & 9 in the Berkshires.   Call from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM, Monday -> Friday   413-442-1009.   Let us know when you have registered so that we can prepare your materials.  

Catch up on the first four parts of All Things Are Possible by going to
~ David Ewen

Appreciation for our Pastors is talked about

Appreciation for our Pastors is talked about in part 4 of
All Things Are Possible - Part 4 at