Thursday, May 30, 2013

Newsletter for June 2

Here is our calendar of events:

Don't forget to listen to "This Week With Pastor Melly".  You can always Listen-On-Demand by downloading the Tune In app on to your cell phone or tablet computer and search for "Your World Discovered" catch up on all of our shows.

Audience Grows

The television broadcast has grown from one to two to now seven communities in Western Massachusetts.   The towns covered by the Resurrection Center television broadcast are:

Springfield, Ludlow, Whately, Conway, Sunderland, Deerfield, and South Deerfield.

New Show to Air on Radio

Beginning on Wednesday, June 5th a periodic segment called “Apostle Presents” will air on our radio broadcast.   On the first show Apostle Lourdes Narvaez will be the guest to give a word and address the Resurrection Center on Your World Discovered on EPN.  

The will air LIVE and then saved for Listening-On-Demand anytime on your cell phone using the Tune In app.    You can get the free Tune In app from any app store using your cell phone or tablet computer.    Using the Tune In app, you can access all shows for “Your World Discovered” by searching for “Your World Discovered”

Learning Philosophy Of Leadership

Every Wednesday evening at 6:45PM, Pastor Jose Martinez is presenting the Word and training.   The book that goes along with the training is $12.  See David Ewen to get a copy of the book
Already a Boom and Bang

Our second year at 1597 Allen Street has already begun with a boom and a bang!  After celebrating the first anniversary with the “Epic Anniversary Event”, we were addressed by Apostle’s Enrique and Lourdes Narvaez, followed by the Discipleship Graduation.   The Pastor also started a new weekly service DEEP presented every Sunday.   We also launched on May 10th a weekly “This Week With Pastor Melly” on radio.     We really are the fastest growing church in New England.

Resurrection Center on Red Carpet

The success of the first and second Christmas movies that included the Resurrection Center was a success with DVD and video download sales that went on for several months beyond last year’s Christmas season.   It has the message people want to hear.    Now a third Christmas movie is being prepared that will cast solely members of the Resurrection Center.     The film shoot is for one day and begins early on June 22.

The movie filmed and presented last year is called “Jesus: The True Christmas Story”.     On December 16 it was featured at the Springfield Community Festival held at the Resurrection Center.

This Christmas it will air on TV along with the movie being filmed on June 22nd.   Would you and your children like to participate?  Let us know.

Anytime and Anywhere

Travel anywhere with the Resurrection Center.   Did you know you can get the word at anytime, anywhere with your cell phone or tablet computer?   Just download the free Tune In app and search for “Your World Discovered”.  Listen to brother Wayne LaPointe talk about his new book.  Listen to Pastor Melly Martinez share the Word.  Listen to Sister Haabiba Whitney talk about new disciples.  Hear bible readings.    The shows are also on television in Springfield, Channel 12 at 8PM on Thursday nights.

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