Friday, August 28, 2015

News: August 28 at Resurrection Center

Here's all the news, weather, and sports at the Resurrection Center.  

(1) The outreach for fundraising through covenant seed offerings for the new building continues.   It doesn’t matter how big or small the offering is.  What matters is that it comes from the heart and serves as a covenant seed to your future.       

(2) Thank you all to attended the Youth Congress in Holyoke last Friday (Aug 21).   We saw God at work.

(3) Remember that Sundays are being served this Sunday.    We are celebrating the growth of our children as they return to school.

(4) There is a spiritual revival and worship event going on in East Longmeadow that began on Wednesday the 26th and runs for 72 hours.   Pastor Jose invites leaders to attend this event on Friday, August 28 at 7:00 PM.  The event is located at 30 Somers Rd., EastLongmeadow, MA 01028

(5) The pastor also talked about meeting on Saturday to see a movie being released called "War Room"

The show times on Saturday for this movie in West Springfield are:

12:40pm | 3:40pm | 6:40pm | 9:40pm  (12:40 seemed to be the preferred choice as of Wednesday night.  Check in for final updates). 

The address to the theater is below.:

Rave Motion Pictures (413) 733-5131
864 Riverdale St, West Springfield, MA 01089

God bless you all.

David Ewen