Thursday, June 14, 2012

Resurrection Center News

Hello all,

Uhhmmm ... Let's see ... Lots and lots of stuff going on ....

A new platform for our web site has been tested and will enable us to provide a beautiful face lift for the new web site. The current web site does a lot and serves as a major communication portal, but we can do more.  When this happens the web site will be down for three days as it will be torn down and rebuilt from scratch.   It will give an improved image of the mission of the Resurrection Center.   The dates for the web site outage has yet to be determined, but will happen before the end of July.

The Apostle's message from June 10th is now on Vimeo.    Today (Wednesday evening), I passed out the hour long DVD.   If anyone else wants a copy, let me know.    In a few days, I'll bring it to the channel 12 studios for Springfield Public Access to schedule a one hour slot to have it aired on television.

Beginning Friday, I will return to doing bible readings on radio heard on the Resurrection Radio program found at     One of the reasons of getting back to this particular radio channel is to explore ways we can use this to support the mission of the Resurrection Center.   There has to be a greater way our radio show can help build glory to God and also build the Resurrection Center.   If you have any ideas, let me know.   You can listen to all of our previous shows at

Last Thursday, this Thursday (June 14), and next Thursday, at 8:30PM, the Resurrection Center is being featured on my show  Your World Discovered on Channel 12, Springfield Public Access on television.   If you have Comcast and live in Springfield, you can tune in or record on your DVR the broadcast.   Last week, the opening day at 1597 Allen St. was aired on television.   This week, the first radio show converted to video for television will air.  It is a way of taking advantage of a great radio program and increasing distribution.  Next week, the service from May 20th will be aired.    Remember, Thursday nights at 8:30PM on Channel 12, Springfield, Comcast.    If you live outside of Springfield, the shows can be aired on your local public access TV stations.  Let me know and I'll be your advocate and arrange it.   The station needs a local resident to authorize airing program.   In my case, I live in Springfield and able to air 1/2 hour programs on a regular time slot.  Thursday at 8:30PM is mine and I use it every week.  We have opportunity to pick up time slots in other towns.

The channel 12 studio in Springfield is moving as it is being released from Comcast and being picked up by a nonprofit organization that will take the station to a higher level.  The start of transfer is June 30th.   After the move is complete and the new station is in place, I'll be picking up second time slot for one hour so that Resurrection Services can be aired in full on TV weekly in the city of Springfield.

Not too long ago, some of you participated in filming the movie "Jesus, The True Christmas Story" at my house.  I thought it best to give you an update.   Progress is going well.   New graphics to make the movie wonderful are being added.   Post production will continue through the Summer.   During that time, I'll be working on the distribution that will happen in November.   The hour long movie will be aired on TV, and shown in small theater beginning the day after Thanksgiving.  It will also be available streaming online, on professional DVD, and     

Remember, there's an open invitation for anyone you know and anyone you don't know to join in fellowship and worship at the Resurrection Center Sundays at 4PM at 1597 Allen Street in Springfield.   Share our web site 
  and the phone number: (413) 342-0354.  

Oh yes, one more thing.  Take a look at the attached.   If you email friends about the Resurrection Center, share this card.    The attached card is another way of sharing the Resurrection Center to everyone you know and to everyone you don't know.

I must be forgetting something, but can't remember.  That will come later ...   It's at the tip of my tongue.

God bless,

David Ewen