Monday, November 26, 2012

God at the Resurrection Center

God bless everyone,

God was at the Resurrection Center on Sunday.  You could feel His presence.    If you want to watch what you felt, here is the link

Apostle Enrique Narvaez released his book " Cuando Dios Te Llama".  Here is a short video.

"Radical: A True Life Story" by Pastor Jose Martinez is also available

"Miracle Highway To Heaven" is available

~ David Ewen, Resurrection Center

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Apostle Enrique Narvaez today at 4:00

Join us today, Sunday, November 25 at 4:00 to meet our special guest Apostle Enrique Narvaez who will share the Word along with his wife Pastor Lourdes Narvaez.  You can find the Resurrection Center at 1597 Allen Street, Springfield, MA 01108 and don't forget to bring friends and family.

Here's what you can expect in the coming weeks at the Resurrection Center.

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~ David Ewen, Resurrection Center

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Welcome Back !

Welcome back from a good Thanksgiving celebration. Do you want more excitement and celebration?   Of course you do !
Join us Sunday at 4PM for a powerful message. Don't miss the message to give you answers and inspiration. We are at 1597 Allen Street, Springfield.
The picture attached is Maria and I delivering the food donation from the Resurrection Center. I picked up a Turkey before going over to the Springfield Rescue Mission. Later that day, we visited the Friends of The Homeless to represent the Resurrection Center.
The Apostle's latest book is available on Barnes and Noble and Amazon. See link.
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~ David Ewen

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

From the Resurrection Center to your peaceful home with family and friends ...

All of us wish you to enjoy the warm feeling of family and friends this Thanksgiving.   All of us have a lot to be thankful for.  As said in 1st Corinthians 16:34  "Give thanks to the Lord because he is good.    His faithful love will last forever" and hopefully my translation is correct "Den gracias al SeƱor, porque El es bueno; Porque para siempre es Su misericordia.

God bless you ~ David Ewen, Resurrection Center

Monday, November 19, 2012

Did You Miss It? It Happened on Sunday, November 18

God bless you.  On November 18, 2012, the Resurrection Center had a special Open House event.    Apostle Enrique Narvaez and his wife Pastor Lourdes Cabrerara Narvaez came to Springfield, Massachusetts to visit the Resurrection Center. Sit down to watch this video so that you can pay close attention to the message from both videos.  After watching forward this email to others.

(1) Pastor Lourdes Cabrerara Narvaez at Resurrection Center - Nov 18, 2012

(2) Apostle Enrique Narvaez at Resurrection Center - November 18, 2012

Do you want to learn more about the Resurrection Center? 

~ David Ewen, Resurrection Center

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Jessica shares love and feels at home.

After tonight's miracle of service, some people left the church changed.   Jessica Sanchez asked that this message be shared with everyone.

" I would like to say that I love all of you..I feel at home when I'm around you all! I'm so happy I have a new family..and incredible pastors..this is where we belong goodnight! GOD bless you all! "

Do you have a message to share with everyone?  Let us know and we'll send it along.  

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Feel free to share our messages with anyone and invite them to come next Sunday at 4.

~ David Ewen, Resurrection Center

Huge Open House Event With Special Guests and Lots of Food

Today at 4PM there will be a huge open house event with special guests and lots of food. If you are looking for a positive exciting change to your life and improvement in everything you do, you will want to come. Don't miss this exciting opportunity. Ignore distractoins and make plans to come. Invite all your family and friends. Come to the Resurrection Center at 1597 Allen Street in Springfield, MA. Click Here for directions.
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~ David Ewen, Resurrection Center

Friday, November 16, 2012

Mission Accomplished - We Are Blessed

May God continue to bless the Resurrection Center.     The power and strength of emotion from the blessings received today is exhausting.   I start by saying "Mission accomplished".  

To everyone who contributed to the Food Drive, the Springfield Rescue Mission give true honest thanks to the entire Resurrection Center.  Because of your way of thinking of others, many in need will have the same warm Thanksgiving dinner like you.   The boxes of food were hauled on schedule to the Springfield Rescue Mission on Bliss Street at 3PM and were received with Joy.  It was awesome to see the smiles.  My wife Maria and I toured the dining area and the kitchen area where all the food is prepared.    We got to see the preparation for the big day and talked with many of the volunteers.   We were so excited to be there.     So many volunteers of the Springfield Rescue Mission have put in their own personal time.  They demonstrated the appreciation of the Resurrection Center's contribution that makes their time worth while.    They see the good in Springfield.

But that was later in the day ...  So much happened earlier today.

In advance of the Resurrection Center's effort this January to support the needs of the homeless during the cold season, Maria and I represented the Resurrection Center as we participated in an hour tour of Friends of The Homeless on Worthington Street.   We arrived at noon and were met by Kathy Tobin, formally of WGGB, ABC 40 News,  and now the director of program development at the facility.   She gave us a tour of the 24x7 homeless support and recovery facility that opened 2 years ago.   We were exposed to a team of people who strive to restore dignity to anyone who walks through their doors.     I had the opportunity to speak with a member of the board of directors overseeing the tour.    Maria and I almost cried many times.   Yes, it was truly a very intense emotional experience.    We were among homeless in the dining area and the common area outside.   Many had smiles as hope and dignity were being restored.    We saw the restoration happening in front of us before our very eyes.     Although much success has been received, they ask for our help with donations and volunteerism.  Their hands are open and reaching out to us.   Today,  Maria and I served as sort of a an exploratory team bringing back tissues for the tears in our eyes asking for support this Winter as the Friends of the Homeless on Worthington Street thank us in advance for our help.

But that wasn't the very first start of the day.   This morning, I made breakfast for my wife Maria.  It was suppose to be normal day.    I didn't know what today would be like.  It started almost like a normal day, but it wasn't to be.    I told someone today that my uncle once told me to listen to the whispers from God.    I heard those whispers.    When the Lord says "Thank you", it feels so good, yet I am unable to explain the power of what is felt.    The feeling is in your heart and your mind becomes more aware of what is truly real.  This is the true feeling of a blessing.

As I sit and write this email, tears of joy and amazement stream down my eyes as a I find a tissue.   We are so blessed to do so much good for the need of others.  

The day is almost over and I'll be attending church this evening.   Someone will ask me ... "How was your day?".  -- While thinking of the answer, I will look back at the Miracles God has shown me today and feel the warmth of Love.  --   What happened today is far beyond normal understanding - but I will answer the person -- ... "It was a good day".   

And so on a day, the week before Thanksgiving  .... with this I say ... Mission Accomplished.

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~ David Ewen, Resurrection Center


Blessings For Springfield at Sunday's Open House

Join us at our special event "Blessings For Springfield" this Sunday at 4PM.   On Sunday we have special guests to welcome and lots and lots of food.   You won't want to miss out.  Remember, it's this  Sunday at 4PM at 1597 Allen Street, Springfield, MA.    Come with an appetite and enjoy!    Get to know us more by looking at our updated web site

The Resurrection Center is teamed with volunteers supporting all kinds of events.   Here is a quick peak into the future for November, December, and next year (2013):
  • November: Food Drive - working with Springfield Rescue Mission
  • December: Toys-4-Tots - working with Springfield Police & State Police
  • January:    Care Package Donation for the Friends of the Homeless Springfield
  • February:  Be Loved & Saved - working with Yellow Cab & Bars
  • March:     Support Red Cross of Pioneer Valley w/blood drive, volunteer, donation
  • April:      Springfield Community Festival / Food donation for Easter (Springfield Rescue Mission)
  • May:       Spiritual Retreat in Berkshires (You will be blessed)
  • June:     Children Summer Safety with Springfield City Hall
  • July:      Celebrating America's Independence
  • August:  Helping Children & Families Get Ready For School
  • September:  Annual "September To Remember" - Riverfront Cleanup
  • October: Springfield Community Festival
  • November: Food Drive - working with Springfield Rescue Mission
  • December: Toys-4-Tots - working with Springfield Police & State Police
It won't stop there.   We will be doing so many more activities.   Participate, volunteer, and join in.   You'll be glad you did.   

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New photos, videos, and calendar

There is so much going on, my head is spinning ~ David Ewen, Resurrection Springfield

Monday, November 12, 2012

Why miss the fun? It's this Sunday!

Of course we have a lot of FUN at the Resurrection Center.    Take a look at our web site updated just seconds ago.     Our home page now has slides of exciting pictures.  It's new and was just added moment ago!  You'll see wedding ceremonies, dinner engagements, open house events, and so much more.    There is always something going on at the Resurrection Center every Sunday at 4:00 PM at 1597 Allen Street, Springfield, MA.    Why would you want to miss it?   Need to see someone?  Bring them along!   Have a place to go?  Make it the Resurrection Center.   Our doors are open. 

~ David Ewen, Resurrection Center

Seen in Springfield on November 11th at 1597 Allen Street

Good morning,
You are receiving this email as guests of Pastors Jose and Melly Martinez from the Resurrection Center located at 1597 Allen Street, Springfield.
Did we see you over the weekend? Here it is all on video:
You are invited to come this Sunday, November 18 at 4PM for our Special Open House Event followed by a pre-Thanksgiving Dinner. You won't want to miss it.
Again, don't forget to come Sunday, November 18 at 4PM for our Special Open House Event followed by a pre-Thanksgiving Dinner. Pass on the word.
~ David Ewen, Resurrection Center

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Save A Smile Campaign (for Thanksgiving)

For Immediate Release
Save A Smile Campaign
The Resurrection Center of Springfield with a large team of volunteers has been doing a food drive supporting hungry children, women, and men of Springfield for Thanksgiving. It's called the "Save A Smile Campaign" The Food Drive is running from November 4 through 11 and coordinated by a volunteer effort. A family brought in a box of pasta. A little girl handed in a can of beans. So many other volunteers have contributed. The food will be deliverd to the Springfield Rescue Mission on Friday, November 16 at 3PM.

Why is the Resurrection Center doing this? It will make children smile. This will give families hope. It will give the hungry a chance for enjoyment during the holiday. The Resurrection Center hopes that this will save a smile and clear some tears.
David Ewen
Learn More About Resurrection Center:
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Last Chance To Donate

This is our chance to put a smile on faces of families during Thanksgiving.    Our final push and the last day to bring food for the hungry and homeless is Sunday, November 11, 2012 at 4:00PM at 1597 Allen Street, Springfield, MA.  We are supporting the needs of hungry children, women, and men during Thanksgiving.    It's easy, just one can, box of pasta, container of oatmeal, anything.  Just $1.00 food will go a long way for those who don't have homes and struggle to find food every day.     We can thank God for giving our ability to bless others with life needs.   

If you missed our radio show, check it out here.   I spoke with the Springfield Rescue Mission and our efforts to support them during Thanksgiving.

If anyone wants to volunteer assistance, the food will be delivered around 3PM on Friday, November 16.  

Your help is appreciated by the children, women, and men that will go for a meal at the Springfield Rescue Mission during Thanksgiving.

~ David Ewen, Resurrection Center

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

In Style & Making Fashion Statement

Not many churches are thought of as making a "Fashion" statement or considered "In Style".    Yes, the Resurrection Center has a clothing line.    Yes, we are in fashion and in style.      Only minutes ago, much more was added for a total of 15 items.  And would you believe more is on the way?  It's true!  Go to the Resurrection Center web site and check the products tab.  You'll see products with our new logo for men, women, and children.   

My wife asked me if we had Nine West or Easy Spirit shoes on the web site.    Uhhhmmm ... We'll ... I'll look into footwear products.

More to come ...  ~ David Ewen

Sunday, November 4, 2012

T-Shirts for Resurrection Center

Hello all - T-Shirts for the Resurrection Center are now available for less than $12. They have our new logo. Go to our web site and select the Products page. You can pick color and size for your t-shirt. If you don't have a credit card or debit card, that's OK. You can get a free reloadable debit card by going to our Resource pages on the web site. More products will be added to the Products page of
David Ewen

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Radio Show - Springfield Rescue Mission

Hello all - The Resurrection Center along with the Springfield Rescue Mission will be featured on EPN News on radio. Beginning this Sunday, the Resurrection Center will be doing a food drive. Bring in your cans. Put them in your car now so you don't forget. We are blessed to have food on the table and thank God for giving us the ability to put something on the table for someone else.
Julie Barnes from the Springfield Rescue Mission will be a special guest on EPN to talk about what the Springfield Rescue Mission does and how the contribution from the Resurrection Center helps. The LIVE show airs Monday, November 5 at 2PM online, but you can always listen anytime after the show at: