Friday, November 16, 2012

Mission Accomplished - We Are Blessed

May God continue to bless the Resurrection Center.     The power and strength of emotion from the blessings received today is exhausting.   I start by saying "Mission accomplished".  

To everyone who contributed to the Food Drive, the Springfield Rescue Mission give true honest thanks to the entire Resurrection Center.  Because of your way of thinking of others, many in need will have the same warm Thanksgiving dinner like you.   The boxes of food were hauled on schedule to the Springfield Rescue Mission on Bliss Street at 3PM and were received with Joy.  It was awesome to see the smiles.  My wife Maria and I toured the dining area and the kitchen area where all the food is prepared.    We got to see the preparation for the big day and talked with many of the volunteers.   We were so excited to be there.     So many volunteers of the Springfield Rescue Mission have put in their own personal time.  They demonstrated the appreciation of the Resurrection Center's contribution that makes their time worth while.    They see the good in Springfield.

But that was later in the day ...  So much happened earlier today.

In advance of the Resurrection Center's effort this January to support the needs of the homeless during the cold season, Maria and I represented the Resurrection Center as we participated in an hour tour of Friends of The Homeless on Worthington Street.   We arrived at noon and were met by Kathy Tobin, formally of WGGB, ABC 40 News,  and now the director of program development at the facility.   She gave us a tour of the 24x7 homeless support and recovery facility that opened 2 years ago.   We were exposed to a team of people who strive to restore dignity to anyone who walks through their doors.     I had the opportunity to speak with a member of the board of directors overseeing the tour.    Maria and I almost cried many times.   Yes, it was truly a very intense emotional experience.    We were among homeless in the dining area and the common area outside.   Many had smiles as hope and dignity were being restored.    We saw the restoration happening in front of us before our very eyes.     Although much success has been received, they ask for our help with donations and volunteerism.  Their hands are open and reaching out to us.   Today,  Maria and I served as sort of a an exploratory team bringing back tissues for the tears in our eyes asking for support this Winter as the Friends of the Homeless on Worthington Street thank us in advance for our help.

But that wasn't the very first start of the day.   This morning, I made breakfast for my wife Maria.  It was suppose to be normal day.    I didn't know what today would be like.  It started almost like a normal day, but it wasn't to be.    I told someone today that my uncle once told me to listen to the whispers from God.    I heard those whispers.    When the Lord says "Thank you", it feels so good, yet I am unable to explain the power of what is felt.    The feeling is in your heart and your mind becomes more aware of what is truly real.  This is the true feeling of a blessing.

As I sit and write this email, tears of joy and amazement stream down my eyes as a I find a tissue.   We are so blessed to do so much good for the need of others.  

The day is almost over and I'll be attending church this evening.   Someone will ask me ... "How was your day?".  -- While thinking of the answer, I will look back at the Miracles God has shown me today and feel the warmth of Love.  --   What happened today is far beyond normal understanding - but I will answer the person -- ... "It was a good day".   

And so on a day, the week before Thanksgiving  .... with this I say ... Mission Accomplished.

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~ David Ewen, Resurrection Center


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