Monday, May 20, 2013

You Know It

God bless everyone,

This message is to ensure everyone is up to date with everything that is happening at the Resurrection Center.   Pass this on so that we don't miss anyone.   

Thanks to all who supported Operation Lost on Saturday, May 18th in downtown Springfield.   Also our continued thanks go out to our regular visitors on Sunday.  

The video for the series premier DEEP on May 19 with Pastor Jose can be found on our website by clicking the TV tab.

This Wednesday, May 22 Pastor Jose continues the Leadership class "Philosophy Of Leadership"

On Friday, May 24th, Pastor Melly will be broadcasting on Your World Discovered on her 3rd radio show on EPN.   Check out all shows by going to

On Sunday, May 26, Sister Haabiba Whitney presents graduates of the 2nd Discipleship Class.  You will see regular ordinary people give extraordinary testimonies.

Congratulations to the candidates for success who will attend the June 8 & 9 revival retreat in the Berkshires called "Awakening Of The Heart".   Incredible changes and testimonies will blossom in  unexpected ways.

God bless you all ~ David Ewen

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