Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Frequently Asked Questions - "Awakening Of The Heart"

Here are all the answers to the frequently asked questions about the revival retreat "Awakening Of The Heart".  Last day to reserve your room or cabin is Friday, May 17th.

QUESTION:  Is the revival retreat "Awakening Of The Heart" worth it?

ANSWER:    Yes.  It will give you joy.  This will make you grow.  It will make you excited to live.

QUESTION:  Where does the money go?  Who is getting paid?

ANSWER:    No one gets money.   The only thing you pay for is the room or cabin you are staying in. All payment are made directly to Lanesborough Country Inn by calling (413) 442-1009 (Mon-Fri 11a-2p).  The Resurrection Center does not touch or handle money for this event. There are no fees or offerings.   This is a huge effort to enrich people's lives.

QUESTION:  Where is the revival retreat being held?

ANSWER:    The event is being held at Lanesborough Country Inn located in the Berkshires at 499 South Main Street, Lanesborough, Massachusetts.

QUESTION:  How do I reserve my room or cabin for the one night stay from June 8 to June 9?

ANSWER:    Call Lanesborough Country Inn at (413) 442-1009 from the hours of 11AM to 1PM, Monday through Friday.  Last day to reserve a room for this event is Friday, May 17, 2013.

QUESTION:  When is the last day I can reserve a room or cabin for the event.   

ANSWER:    The last day is Friday, May 17.  To reserve, call Lanesborough Country Inn at (413) 442-1009 

QUESTION:  Why is the last day to register for the event on May 17?

ANSWER:    The event was first announced on February 26 giving enough time for people wanting to enrich their lives enough time to register.  People have been given multiple advance notifications by text, email, Facebook, Twitter, radio shows, calendar invites, postcards, and newsletters.  Those who fully intend on enriching their lives have already made the proactive decision to make a positive change to increase their potential.  The event has proprietary copy-written content.  Also the sharing among members is private so the environment needs to be safe.   A non disclosure agreement will be signed by participants.   Preparation by participants need to be completed in advance of the event.

QUESTION:  Can I decide to go at the last minute?

ANSWER:    No.  The preparation by participants need to be completed long before the event.  This ensures that those people attending take full advantage of the enrichment in their lives they will soon experience.

QUESTION:  What if I can't afford to go?

ANSWER:    We have solutions.  Call us, but not after May 17.  Friday, May 17 is the deadline.

QUESTION:  What is the general schedule?

ANSWER:    Check in is on Saturday, June 8 at 3PM.   Bar-B-Q is t 5PM.  Church Service is at 6PM followed by the Workshop Seminar "Awakening Of The Heart" that will run until 11.  At 11PM we will have closing prayers and participants will go to their room or cabin.   The next morning we will have a country breakfast at 8 or 9 in the morning followed by the completion of the "Awakening Of The Heart" workshop seminar.  We will leave the campus to return home around 11AM, Sunday June 9th.  We'll all meet again at 4PM on June 9th for church service at 1597 Allen Street, Springfield, MA

QUESTION:  Are your sure I can't decide at the last minute?

ANSWER:    Yes we are sure.  An organized, advance planning process is required to give full respect of participants who chose to enrich their lives.

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