Thursday, May 23, 2013

Additional News

You can go as far back as you like to catch up on our news by going to our blog.

Our previously aired radio shows are found on 

All radio shows are available on your cell phone and tablet computer by downloading the Tune In app.   After you download the Tune In app, search for "Your  World  Discovered".   

Each week, a new episode of "This Week With Pastor Melly" is aired on Your World Discovered.   You can listen to our previously aired shows using the Tune In app on your cell phone or tablet computer.   Or you can go directly to: 

Did you know we are on Facebook?    Yes we are !    Click on

We prayed on provided a tribute to those in Oklahoma City (Moore Oklahoma)

Did you know we are on Twitter?   Follow us at @ResCentSpring and #ResurrectionCenter or go directly to

All of our videos are found on our website by clicking the TV tab.   Go to    These videos are also aired on community access television in Ludlow, Springfield, and soon Chicopee.

Join us every Wednesday night for "Philosophy Of Leadership" with Pastor Jose Martinez.   On Friday, Pastor Melly Martinez airs her show "This Week With Pastor Melly" on Your World Discovered.   Our weekly worship and services are with Pastors Jose & Melly Martinez every Sunday at 4PM at 1597 Allen Street in Springfield.

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