Friday, November 15, 2013

Did I Know That?

Recently members of Christina's House were welcomed by the Resurrection Center and talked about their Christian mission.   Today, they were on "Your World Discovered" on EPN.   Listen here: 

The can collection for the Springfield Rescue Mission is this Sunday at 4PM.   Bring food to help make a better Thanksgiving for those at the Springfield Rescue Mission.

The Resurrection Center has an app on any mobile device.  More features of this app are being added all the time.  For now we have the videos (TV shows), radio shows, and website.  

The way you'll add the app to your phone is you will make a shortcut to your home screen of a the app from a website.   The shortcut is how you'll pin the app to the home screen of your phone or tablet.

Go to:    and bookmark or save as a favorite in the browser of your mobile device.   Then take that bookmark or browser and make a shortcut to pin on the home screen of your mobile device.   The idea is that you'll put the website   as a shortcut to the home screen of your phone or tablet.   It's a two step process - 1st make as a bookmark or favorite.  2nd pin the bookmark or favorite to the home screen.

The app is new and has the radio shows, TV shows, and website.

God bless you.

David Ewen

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