Wednesday, December 11, 2013

MOVIE: Christmas As Told From The Bible

See links below that includes this year's Christmas movie.  Please forward and share.

I am honored to have worked closely with the Resurrection Center pastors, leaders, and members to produce this year's Christmas movie - "Christmas As Told From The Bible".    It was filmed the day before the first day of Summer and many months of post production to make it available today.   The movie will be on cable access television this year and on DVD and online streaming on AMAZON next year.   Plans for a theater presentation for next year along with our other Christmas movie are underway.

You can watch the entire 30 minute movie by clicking the link below.  Scroll further down for more videos and TV shows.  God bless you and merry Christmas.
(1) Christmas As Told From The Bible
(2) (Last Year's Movie) Jesus: The True Christmas Story
(3) Rock'n Round The Christmas Tree

(4) Resurrection Center on LIVE television broadcast on WWLP, Channel 22 News

(5) LIVE in studio TV interview for 2012 Riverfront cleanup

(6) Pastor Melly talks about escape from prison and fear
(7) Pastor Melly talks about a true hope

(8) Pastor Melly explains that actions speak louder than words

(9) Church service on December 8, 2013
(10) Church service on December 1, 2013
(11) Baptism in August 2013 in New London, CT at Ocean Beach

(12) Graduation For Discipleship Class in May 2013

There is more on the TV tab on our website
God bless you,
David Ewen

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