Saturday, December 28, 2013

Year End Review of 2013

  • A year ago, we ended 2012 with the Springfield Community Festival and  Pastor Jose  announcing  what was to be our next big venture in Evangelism called Operation Lost.  It was a Word of commitment toward growth and that Word came to pass with true success.
  • The year started with a teaching and learning of the Daniel Fast and we fasted for 21 days.
  • We began the year  2013 with Evangelism through Operation Lost and the hardworking efforts of our Church.
  • Expanded our 1597 Allen Street Residence by holding classes Wednesday nights.
  • We presented to the altar our year harvest of success & prosperity as offerings of First Fruits.
  • Our website that was redesigned in February was expanded even more to include a mobile app.  Yes, there's an app for that.
  • We changed the look of the Resurrection Center with a new logo - out with the Eagle and in with the Lion.
  • Dan and Sarah Albitz were our special VIP guest talking  about their move to Africa.
  • Community Access TV coverage expanded reached Sunderland, Deerfield, South Deerfield, Conway, and others, and Ludlow.  We are holding at 7 communities.
  • Pastor Jose & Pastor Melly prayed for Springfield at City Hall steps the March for Jesus in March (Easter Weekend)
  • Used Radio to reach more people with seven different radio series on ITunes, BlogTalkRadio, TuneIn, Facebook, Twitter, Mobile Apps..
    • a. This Week With Pastor Melly
    • b. Pastora Lourdes on our broadcast twice - Apostle Presents
    • c. Wayne's Relationship Workshop Summary
    • d. Five part series "All Things Are Possible
    • e. Seven part series "Living The Good Live"
    • f. Miracle Highway To Heaven with Jesus
  • On May 5th we had our Epic Anniversary Event celebrating our 1st year at the building.
  • Discipleship I & II classes held at church for the first time.  
  • First Discipleship Graduation held at church and aired on TV
  • First Family Fall Festival to pick pumpkins and mums
  • First LIVE Broadcast Satellite Truck
  • Pastor Jose released latest album "Aligning Your Prayers" through EPN
  • Although not held, a Summer Sizzler event was developed and will be used for 2014 Youth event.
  • Wayne LaPointe released his book "A Seed Of Faith" through EPN, interviewed on radio, and featured at the Springfield Public Library.
  • First Revival Retreat in Berkshires "Awakening Of The Heart" - book published
  • First Baptism at Ocean Beach - the pictures were aired on TV Channel 12 and on YouTube.
  • Epic Anniversary Event to celebrate 1 Yr. @ Allen Street.  On radio & TV.
  • Surprised Pastor Melly on Mother's Day when the Apostle came
  • New Leaders were added to the Leadership Team.
  • With New Leaders new ministries were added:
    • - Security - Brother Wayne & Company
    • - Music - Sister Ely & Company
    • - Children - Sister Yolanda & Co.
    • - Youth - Brother Chris & Sister Cindy & Youth
    • - Education - Sister Haabiba & Company
    • - Men's Ministry - Brother Dwayne & Company
    • - Leadership - Your's Truly
  • First Springfield Public book signing event w/Pr. Jose & Wayne Lapointe with Christ Evangelizing
  • On October 14, Pastor Manny spoke at the pulpit and has become a strong partner with the Resurrection Center.
  • On Saturday August 3rd, we supported Pastor Jose and Wayne LaPointe as new authors and marketing their books to reach a true Christian audience.   
  • Second Filming of Christmas Movie on June 22 and aired on TV on December 19 & 260+ views on YouTube
  • We had special guests from Christina's House and to announce a small partnership.  (church & radio)
  • Monthly Men's Meeting underway and scheduled out for many months
  • Had our very first Reorganized Leadership Team Meeting, complete Activity Reporting & a website and mobile app to ensure we are structured, organized, and always moving forward.
  • Very first Youth Event Planning done in November and is ready for January
  • Our Potlucks are becoming more delicious with our largest for this year’s Christmas Dinner.
  • Christmas Movie was 100th video specific to RC seen 270 times and seen in Springfield on Channel 12.

I don’t have time to tell you everything we’ve done, but I’m guessing you’re wondering ...

What’s happening next year?   

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