Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Resurrection Center Spin-Off from Ewen Prime Company, Inc.

The following is entered into record and made public as a matter of required legal compliance and responsibilities to members of the Resurrection Center by its former parent corporation Ewen Prime Company, Inc.  (David Ewen is president of Ewen Prime Company, Inc.)   In addition to the items being shared below, all authenticating documents are made publicly available in the Public Files located at:  http://newrescentspring.webs.com/ 
For over a year and a half (18 plus months), the Resurrection Center has been an affiliate division of Ewen Prime Company, Inc.   On Monday, August 26, 2013 the Resurrection Center was spun-off from Ewen Prime Company, Inc. and is now a stand-alone corporation independent of Ewen Prime Company, Inc.    An hour long presentation and ceremony was held at the home offices of Ewen Prime Company, Inc. by David K. Ewen, M.Ed. 
Here are two items.   One is an audio file recorded from the "Transfer of Command and Assets" presentation and the other is EP2061-X.2.   In addition to the two items below, the Public Files for this transaction also serve as minutes to the meeting.   The public files are located at:   http://newrescentspring.webs.com/

First item - Audio

The audio from last night's meeting and ceremony serves as the meeting minutes.    They have also been submitted to Amazon for CD and MP3 download as a permanent archive.    The audio is also included permanently in the Public Files  http://newrescentspring.webs.com/

The link below has two files - one is an MP3 and the other is a zip file with the MP3 inside.  This is unedited 64 minute presentation that has been submitted to Amazon and will be available as CD and MP3 download.

Second item - EP2061-X.2

Below is the executive order.  I share it here as I was a little broken up during my presentation.  (It is also in the Public Files as a signed certificate)

Make known to whom these Executive Orders may come that by the advice of Ewen Prime Company, Inc. through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, a Transfer of Command and Assets is engaged.    Action toward all  Federal, State, IRS, FCC, and local laws are compliant..  Written authorization is entered,  recognized, and authenticated as Executive Order EP2061-X.2 by Ewen Prime Company, Inc.     All documentation  is legal compliant.

David K. Ewen, M.Ed.,  President of Ewen Prime Company, Inc. on Monday, August 26, 2013,  hereby kneels to God and stands attention to Executive Orders.    

The President of Ewen Prime Company, Inc. is hereby requested and required to relinquish affiliate division Resurrection Center to Pastor Jose E. Martinez, as of this date, August 26, 2013 as instructed by Executive Orders EP2061-X.2.

Enter into record the immediate transfer of all assets to be received by Pastor Jose E. Martinez.   Enter into record the immediate transfer of executive documents to Pastor Jose E. Martinez.   

Pastor Jose E. Martinez stands attention to Executive Order.  Pastor Jose E. Martinez is instructed to accept Resurrection Center  and installed as President of Resurrection Center effective August 26, 2013.     Romans 13:1 - Obey the rulers who have authority over you. Only God can give authority to anyone, and he puts these rulers in their places of power.   Authority is active for Pastor Jose E. Martinez   serving as President of Resurrection Center with divine guidance.  Jesus says in John 14:21 - If you love me, you will do what I have said, and my Father will love you.      I will also love you and show you what I am like.    

With all its honors and privileges in testimony whereof witness the signature of Ewen Prime Company, Inc. the Transfer of Command and Assets is engaged and complete.  Resurrection Center is operating under New Resurrection Center of Springfield, Inc.  as per Articles of Organization written, authorized, and signed  by David K. Ewen, M.Ed. and filed  with recognition to  the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with  authentication on August 7, 2013.      Executive Order EP2061-X.2 is active.  The future of Resurrection Center is flooded with abundant unimaginable blessings.   

Resurrection Center is released from the protective boundaries of Ewen Prime Company, Inc effective immediately.    All corporate umbilical connections are released.    Resurrection Center is engaged independently effective August 26, 2013 under President and Pastor Jose E. Martinez.

Audit & Compliance for New Resurrection Center of Springfield

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