Sunday, February 24, 2013

Yes, News You Can Use from Resurrection Center

There's a lot going on at the Resurrection Center, so let me get started.   First of all, I'm David Ewen and will be telling you of a lot of great things going on.    How can the Resurrection Center be the fastest growing church in New England?   Well, if you read more you will learn why and it is impossible to disagree.

Resurrection Center getting bigger on T.V. 
A multimedia television network EPN congratulates Resurrection Center with a warm welcome.  The Resurrection Center will be reaching more on TV, DVDs, Online streaming.    As part of other programming, the Resurrection Center is now licensed with EPN and will join the family of programming at EPN and EPN News.    As of today, more of the Resurrection Center is seen on World TV at   You can scroll through the YouTube site to see All services recorded for the Resurrection Center by going to     The service for February 24 will be ready on Monday February 25.   Subscribe to the channel so that you'll always be notified of a new posting.   You can also follow our blog at

Also our Springfield TV shows can now reach other towns and states on community access televisions on Comcast, COX, and TimeWarner.   Currently they are seen on Channel 12 in Springfield, MA.   If you live outside of Springfield and would like to see Resurrection Services seen on your TV, email us at so that we can start the planning process.

Latest CD Released
The latest album from the Resurrection Center has been released on Amazon.   It is from Pastor Jose speaking in Waterbury, CT on February 3, 2013.

We also have new Cards being distributed and a Promo Video that shows them

Did you know the Resurrection Center is in fashion?  Check out our clothing line

Did you know the Resurrection Center has many albums out?

Did you know that the Resurrection Center has DVD's of our services.

.Other things are in the works and we'll get that info out to you soon.

~ David Ewen

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