Thursday, April 4, 2013

How come I didn't know that?

On Friday, April 5 at 10AM, Haabiba Whitney will be talking on radio about the progress of her students in her Discipleship Class.   You can hear it live or after it airs on your cell phone.   

The show is called Your World Discovered.   Listen to all previously aired episodes on your cell phone, by downloading the TuneIn app and searching for "Your World Discovered".   You can also go to the web site on any mobile device:

Did you want to learn how to sign up for the "Awakening Of The Heart" revival retreat?   You can check anything you might have missed by checking out our blog at: 

There is also a lot more on our facebook page.  Check it out at:

Yes, we are also on Twitter

You can check out all of our videos on our website by clicking the TV tab.  Go to 

Our latest video during Easter Sunday is here:   

Have you missed our radio shows?  You can check them out here: 

All photos are collected and saved.  You can view them here and select any to order and print.

Did you know you can get a Resurrection Center T-shirts, hats, cups, water bottles for the Summer?    Check out the catalog:

Did you know if you download the TuneIn app to your cell phone, you can get our radio shows on your phone by searching "Your World Discovered" ?

Are you going to the Revival in June in the Berkshires?    Ask about it by emailing us. 

If you have Comcast service in Springfield, MA, you can watch our TV shows on Channel 12.  Thursday nights at 8 PM and Sunday afternoons at 1 PM.  We are currently working with  EPN News for distribution to other towns.   We need to work with residents from other towns that serve as residency to allow us to air shows in your town.      Call or text the Resurrection Center at (413) 342-0354.   Or email us at 

There were a few people we miss seeing and hope you are doing well.  My God bless you.  If you ever want to call and talk to someone, our phone is open 24 hours per day.  Call or text the Resurrection Center at (413) 342-0354.   Or email us at    

As the fastest growing church in New England, we have already been featured locally on NBC, CBS, ABC, and Fox.   You've heard about us on The Q on 99.7 FM,   You've read about us in the Reminder newspaper and Republican newspaper.   We also have our website, blog, twitter feed, facebook page, and YouTube channel.    Our own TV show is aired on FOCUS Springfield.   We also air our radio shows on Blog Talk Radio on the web.   Why stop there?  We didn't - we even have our own clothing line.   

Of course we didn't stop there either.

Did you know the Resurrection Center has many albums out?

Did you know that the Resurrection Center has DVD's of our services.

Of course, I could go on and on and on.    I haven't even talked about the books published or the special events being held in June, July, and August.   So much more.   All of it is in our blog for you go through.     Of course, everything is found on our website:

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