Saturday, June 15, 2013

Space Travel for Resurrection Center

Here is a high tech fundraiser for Springfield, MA to support the development of a Resource Center for the Resurrection Center in Springfield.    This effort is run by a 501(c)(3) organization and is volunteer based.

The project proposed is a teaching model giving Life-Learning instruction to:
(1) Discipline to long term goals
(2) Achieve while at same time others expect you to fail
(3) Coordination of efforts by tapping into people's skills / gifts
(4) Team building, working together, getting along
(5) Trust, obedience, respect
(6) Doing something you haven't done before with a "can do" attitude
(7) Explore, Dream, Believe
(8) Building positive attitude.
(9) Prove that failure does not exist

If a person develops the characteristics of #1 through #9 above, then that person will be raised to a higher level and be better for it.

The project is a fundraising effort similar to walk for a cause, bike ride, road races, etc.   These types of fundraising efforts have donations from sponsors rewarding a distance achieved.   However, it is different in that the distance traveled is not horizontal.  It is vertical.  straight up.  About twenty miles into the stratosphere.   The best thing, the investment from "crowd funding" is only $300.00. 

The engineering efforts M.I.T. in 2009 and Kelvin Projects in 2012 have developed the proven tested technology.    A weather balloon carrying a capsule will carry a camera to the stratosphere to photograph the curvature of the earth and the blackness of space.  Future launches will have small suborbital rockets launched from this platform as described in a paper from Jet Propulsion Laboratory.     This 2nd phase will be considered a suborbital rocket launch. 

The planning meetings will be occasional gatherings at Red Rose Pizza in Springfield, but mostly email, telephone conference, and web conferencing.

This project will be a total success because I plan to achieve #1 through #9 above.  I want to be a proven better person.   I'm not afraid.  Does anyone want to be part of this success story?  So, who's in?   Who is not afraid?    

David Ewen

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