Sunday, April 1, 2012

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Here is some stuff ...

(1) A Resurrection Center Easter radio program is scheduled for this coming Sunday at 8AM.   You can listen LIVE beginning at 8AM by going to:    If you miss the program it will be available online at:  and clicking the RADIO tab.

(2) The Easter church service is reflected on the calendar on the web site:

(3) The web site   has been updated to reflect a blog and connection to Twitter. 

(4) The blog is at

(5) The twitter site is

(6) The web site has been updated (calendar, blog, Twitter):

(7) The radio show has been submitted to TuneIn for mobile apps and  to I-Tunes supporting Mac, i-Pad, i-Pod.  This will enable improved distribution over the current RSS Feed vehicles, although they will continue to be promoted actively. 

(8) Below is more how the radio show can be heard and distributed:

The Resurrection Center radio shows can be heard on your cell phone or tablet computer.  
(1) Download any free RSS Reader app to your smart phone (iphone, droid, windows)(2) Select the option to add a feed (RSS Feed file)
(4) You now have the Resurrection Center Radio Show on your cell phone
Here is an update as to how to access the Resurrection Center Radio Show on your cell phone and tablet computer.
In short, you'll be downloading an app that is an RSS Podcast Player.    For apple devices, you'll be downloading PodCruncher and for Android devices, you'll be downloading BeyondPod.    Both are RSS Podcast Players.   The next step is to addthe Resurrection Center radio show from the menu of the app.    The file for the radio show is:
If you have an I-Pod Touch, I-Phone, or I-Pad, go to the App Store and get PodCruncher (one word) and add the
If you have an Android tablet computer, Kindle Fire, or Android Smart phone (example motorolla), download the App

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