Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A recent project from the Resurrection Center was the Springfield Community Festival to make Springfield a better place.    Our next one supports the unemployed or the under-employed.   


Did you lose your job?    Have you been unemployed or are you under-employed?    When interviewing for a new job was it hard to explain past history?   Did you feel awkward with guilt?    Not any more.  Be vindicated with the truth.

FIRED! Good People Fight Back” is the book, movie and radio show series.   This multimedia event is coming out August 2012.  You will share your own truth about  being axed, booted, canned or fired from a job.   Be vindicated with the truth and your side of the story.  It's free to call (413) 342-0767 and ask how you can participate.   You aren't alone.

Why are we putting together a multimedia event "FIRED! Good People Fight Back" ?  We are are doing it for you.    To vindicate good people and help them move forward.   Your anxiety will be released.   You aren't alone and others will be sharing their story.   Author, speaker, talk-show host, and film producer David Ewen is creating a grass roots effort to bring the honest truth to the surface.   Too many people are wrongly accused or unjustly fired from their place of work.  Also, positions have been eliminated resulting in the under-employed.    It has happened to him more than once.    Stand up for yourself and others.  Be part of this multimedia presentation.  Be vindicated.    You can fight back by telling your story  and getting support from others.  

The donations received will cover a small piece of the production funding.   David Ewen and his wife Maria will provide the remaining funding needed to make the project a success.  No profit will be made. They are your true advocate.  The ongoing efforts of this project will provide inspiration and support to help you or those you know get back on their feet and get the dream job deserved.   Be part of this multimedia event.

Participate by reaching us:
Call:  (413) 342-0767  


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