Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Are you bluffing?

No, I'm not bluffing.   It's really true.   If you go to the Republican Newspaper's Neighborhood Plus section and go to page NP5 (page 5), you'll see the printed ad for the Resurrection Center.   

Oh, yes, did I also mention that if you have Comcast service, you'll see our two ads on Channel 12 in Springfield.

And it doesn't end there.  Tomorrow on Thursday, you can see our ad in the Reminder newspaper in Springfield.  

Why end on Thursday?  Of course not.  We'll be on the radio a lot beginning Friday, February 1 and throughout the month of February.  

I know that look on your face.   Yes there is more!   On Sunday, we'll be in in the Republican again in the Religious section.   

Don't stop now.   Yes keep going.   Soon our services will be back on Channel 12 in Springfield.   Why have one show, when you can have two?  Soon we'll have segments on Thursday nights at 8 and every Sunday at 1PM.   

You think it ends there?   Naawwwwww.    You know the Pastors have been guided by the Lord to do so much more.  Stay tune and see what God delivers us from and present us to. 

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~ David Ewen

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