Monday, January 28, 2013

Are you kidding?

Are you kidding?  No, it's true.  So much happened yesterday and more this week.

Pastor Enrique Roman visited the Resurrection Center and gave the Word.

This coming Wednesday and Sunday, check out our ad in the Republican Newspaper and this Thursday in the Reminder (Springfield).   On Friday, February 1st, you'll start hearing a lot about the Resurrection Center with our ad on The Q 99.7FM

We also have new Cards and a Promo Video that shows them:  

Did you know donations can be made online?  Check out our web site

Did you know the Resurrection Center is in fashions?  Check out our clothing line

Did you know the Resurrection Center has many albums out?

Did you know that the Resurrection Center has DVD's of our services.

.Other things are in the works and we'll get that info out to you soon.

~ David Ewen

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