Friday, December 28, 2012

Forgiveness, Part 4, "Living The Good Life

The latest broadcast for Living The Good Life, Part 4 "Forgiveness" is now available online.

Previous shows are below.

The Pastors of the Resurrection Center in Springfield have demonstrated the need to read the bible. I truley agree and have committed to help myself along with others to attend to that effort using the radio show "Your World Discovered".

This show is shared in the 7 states of New York and New England.

The seven parts are (links to previous shows listed)

Part 1. Faith - Listen here
Part 2. Salvation - Listen here: 
Part 3. Love - Listen here:
Part 4 - Forgiveness - Listen here:
Part 5 - Life
Part 6 - Heaven
Part 7 - Eternity

~ David Ewen

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