Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Listening To The Bible on Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone.
The Pastors have demonstrated the need to read the bible. I truley agree and have committed to help myself along with others to attend to that effort using my radio show.
The radio show called "Your World Discovered" is a seven part series on christian leving and serve as a reflection on scripture through bible verse readings. You can listen to it on your cell phone, tablet computer, and laptop. Learn more at our newly developed web site www.YourWorldDiscovered.com
There are three easy ways to get the show.
(2) Download the TuneIn app (www.TuneIn.com) and search for Your World Discovered
(3) Access show on iTunes and search for Your World Discovered
 This seven part series covers the following:
1 - Faith
2 - Salvation
3 - Love
4 - Forgiveness
5 - Life
6 - Heaven
7 - Eternity
Today's broadcast reflected on scriptures based on faith.
~ David Ewen, Resurrection Center

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