Monday, December 31, 2012

Was it all a dream?

Was it all a dream? Or did all the incredible things really happen in 2012? Let me pinch myself. Ouch! Yes, it must have been real.
Let me sit down and ponder for a moment. Each one of us is a gift from God to the Resurrection Center. Each one of us has provided a blessing in countless ways. It's more than a "Good" thing - it's a God thing.
Some good starts were: Church established as an authorized church in the city of Springfield as a subsidiary of a 501(c)(3) corporation (EP-2061). Bank account open. In May, a building for lease was acquired. It only got better.
Here is a partial list of God given victories in 2012
  • January 1, 2012 - Just a regular start to an unkown victorious year.
  • February 12, Pastors ordained
  • March 2 Web site erected.
  • March 15 2012, church telephone # online
  • March 25 - First radio broadcast
  • April 1 - Blog and twitter feed estabilished
  • April 14 - Participation in feature length Christmas Movie for television, DVD, & online
  • April 22 - Resurrection Center invited to participate in Springfield Community Festival
  • May 6 - First service at 1157 Main Street
  • May 24 - 1st regular service on Channel 12 Comcast
  • June 9 - Apostle conducts first Resurrection Center wedding.
  • June 10 - Apostle speaks for 1st time at Resurrecton Center (Cindy & Hector)
  • July 15 - 1st regular monthly potluck
  • August 4 - Pastor Jose conducts 1st wedding (Erica & Elmer)
  • Sept 1 - Riverfront cleanup featured locally on NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox & Republican
  • November 28 - Pastora Lourdes speaks 1st time at Resurrection Center
  • November 2012 - Food drive for Springfield Rescue Mission
  • November 2012 - Apostle & Pastora visit for 2 weeks.
  • November 2012 - Apostle's book published & released
  • December 2012 - Toys For Tots drive - Marines telephone call with appreciation
  • December 16 - Resurrection Center hosts for 1st time the 3rd Springfield Community Festival
  • December 19 - New Discipleship class announced on radio show
  • December 26 - Initiate campaign to reach 7 states of New York and New England
Springfield is just starting to get to know the Resurrection Center. Here is how they have heard about us.
  • WWLP - 22 News
  • CBS 3 Springfield
  • Fox 6 - WGGB
  • ABC 40 - WGGB
  • Republican newspaper
  • Reminder Newspaper
  • WLCQ - 99.7 "The Q"
  • Channel 12, Comcast
  • FOCUS Springfield
  • Blog Talk Radio
  • Post cards distribution
  • Facebook, Twitter, Blogger

This is what I scraped off the top of my shiny head so I know I must have missed mentioning a lot of other God given victorious accomplishments. Remind us so that we can share with others. it's time to wish blessings to all and give praise to the Lord for making all victories possible.
2012 was also a year of understanding. The destinations we ask for is not what is important. It is the journey that God takes us to get to that destination and in His own time.
God bless you all & have a happy new year ~ David Ewen, Resurrection Cetner

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